As a fleet manager, one of your main priorities should be keeping everyone safe. This can be done in multiple ways, from what a driver eats, how much they sleep to truck maintenance. The best trucking companies like TransWood is here to give you tips on how to keep your fleets safe. 

Fleet safety tips

The best trucking companies should implement and maintain safety policies to keep their drivers safe. One that should be implemented is an anti-distracted driving policy for their drivers. Cell phones are one of the biggest distractions for truck drivers and the general public. The numbers speak for themselves, 17 percent of collisions during the day and 20 percent of collisions during the night happen because of distracted driving. 

Another policy trucking companies should implement is a zero-tolerance policy for speeding. This is because the bigger the truck, the harder it is to stop suddenly or maintain control. 

One other simple tip is to make sure that the truck is being well-maintained. The best trucking companies like TransWood, have all their trucks well-maintained and ready for the road. There are also apps that can be placed in trucks so drivers can report when there is a needed repair.  

The next policies that should be set in place are basic truck driver safety regulations. 

Tips to stay safe on the road 

  1. Always wear your seatbelt 
  2. Reduce speed for turns and curves 
  3. Understand the size of your truck 
  4. Be aware of the weather conditions you will be driving through 
  5. Know where you are going and what stops you will be making along the way 

The first tip might seem obvious but one in six truckers do not wear their seatbelts. Wearing a seatbelt is required by law,  but there is still more than 40 percent of crash-related deaths that happen every year due to lack of seatbelt use. 

When driving your truck, you want to be cautious with your surroundings. Understand that you won’t be able to make a turn as if you were in a car. Take it slow and always watch for vehicles next, behind or in front of your truck. 

Before you leave for your trip be sure to have a plan and know where you plan to stop. Also, looking up weather conditions can help you prepare for a safe ride. If you know it will be raining in a certain area, this will let you know that when you are in that area you need to slow down because the roads will be wet. 

How mental health, sleep and diet affect road safety 

From a young age, we have all been taught that eating healthy and sleeping a minimum of eight hours a day is needed to be productive during the day. There are points when life gets too hectic and healthy habits just seem impossible.

When times get rough, oftentimes one of the first things that go is a driver’s sleep and eating habits. This can affect how alert they are while driving, thus, affecting overall road safety. If you feel the need to pull over for a snack, make sure it’s a healthy one

As a manager, it is important to provide open communication and an open-door policy that provides a comfortable place for drivers to come to you with concerns. 

Another aspect that affects road safety is mental health. Over the road driving can cause drivers to feel lonely or isolated from their loved ones. Which makes them distracted while driving. Studies have shown that seeing a loved one’s face during long-distance relationships can make a huge difference. 

At TransWood we pride ourselves in putting our employees’ safety and health first. All of our trucks are well-maintained and we support the mental health of our drivers. Contact us for more information!

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