Fireworks, barbeques, summer heat: yes the Fourth of July is here once again! As many people are celebrating our country’s Independence Day, that means a lot of people will be traveling. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), almost 50 million people travel on the road over the Fourth of July holiday period. There are many precautions and safety tips motorists should take while one the road, but during the days of high traffic, it is especially important that people follow these safety tips. 

Everyone wants to stay safe on the road, that is the ultimate goal. However, accidents do happen.TransWood values the safety of truckers and drivers everywhere and everyday, and want to keep the trucking industry safe. Here are some safety tips to take note of before you hop on the road this Fourth of July holiday. 

Stay Alert

Staying alert while driving is usually a priority for anyone behind the wheel, but especially during times of high traffic. To stay alert you should be well rested and eliminate distractions as best as you can. You should not only be aware of how you’re driving, but notice how others around you are driving as well. 

Reduce Your Speed

Speeding-related accidents occur more during summer months, it is vital that you avoid speeding. Since truckers are driving big semi-trucks, it’s important to remember how much space you’re taking up. These trucks take longer to stop. When in cities or around shops and stores, it is also important to watch your speed as there are usually families with children. 

Stay Hydrated 

Again, staying hydrated is important no matter the time of year. However, during the middle of summer, when temperatures can become scorching hot, it is important to give your body vital fluids. Hot weather can cause heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Pay Attention to your Tires

Checking your tire pressure is always a good idea before you smart the day, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check them more often during the summer. Warmer weather is known to lead to more tire-burnouts, especially if the tires are underinflated. 

Pay Attention to your Brakes

We know that semi-trucks take longer to stop than your ordinary vehicle, that is pretty easy to comprehend. However, hot temperatures can cause a loss of friction or brake fading for big trucks, which could impact the ability for your brakes to absorb heat. This can impact your braking effectiveness overall, which is not a good thing. 

As these are all things truckers should be practicing every time they are on the road, they are especially important during holiday times in order to keep the trucking industry safe. TransWood cares, and want to keep the trucking industry safe. We have been in the bulk transportation business since 1928. We pay attention to the details. Contact us today to learn more about what we do, and let’s make this Independence Day holiday a safe one!

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