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Technology and the trucking industry

In the transportation industry, technology is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday trucking life. New technologies are improving trucker safety, efficiency and saving transportation companies money. In  January 2019, a new mobile app is being released to help truckers find safe and close-by parking spaces. This is how this new mobile app works: First, […]

Healthy snacking for truckers

The truth is when it comes to eating healthy snacks, adults in the United States are at a 80 percent risk of not eating the suggested amounts of fruits and vegetables. In the truck driving industry, it can be even more difficult to find healthy snack options with the stress of an irregular work schedule. […]

Self-driving semi trucks

There is a lot going on in the world of self-driving trucks. More and more companies have emerged with new technology being tested, new laws being considered and the date for when it will be normal to see automated trucks on the road is getting closer and closer. The U.S. Transportation Department has given a […]

Truck driver-facing cameras

As a truck driver, you are expected to operate your equipment as efficiently and productively as possible. Your days are spent on the road, and you have a schedule and goals you need to meet everyday. One of the great perks of the job is being out on the open road. There is nothing better […]