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How to choose a driving school

Is it time to make a change in your career? Have you decided what you plan to do with your life? If you decided to be a truck driver, that means you know you have to start cdl truck driving school. Just like when you choose to go to college or any other type of […]

How to manage a fleet during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world and how things are done. One year ago, if anyone said the phrases, “we need to wear masks” or “remember to be socially distant.” We would have thought they were crazy, but now those phrases are used daily and in every store.  Businesses have had to make adjustments in order […]

How to avoid zoning out when driving

Have there been times when your mind just zones out for a bit? This means that your brain has transitioned into autopilot. 25 to 50 percent of the time, your mind will wander on its own because your mind either gets relaxed or bored. This can be a large problem for cdl jobs like over […]


Safe driving during the fall

Hard to believe that the official start to fall is right around the corner! A new season poses new risks for truck drivers. Fall is known to be picturesque but after the beautiful leaves have fallen, there are many dangers for drivers. To help prepare you for this upcoming fall season, we have created a […]