As technology continues to increase, apps are showing to be a long-term player in the trucking industry. It is estimated that 90 percent of truckers carry a mobile device with them! These mobile devices can help fleet owners and managers optimize their current business systems in place while improving the lives of their truckers! 

What is a system integration? 

Often times, fleet management systems can be overlooked which effects the customer and the driver at the end of the day. A system integration allows for all devices, automation and applications to speak to one another seamlessly. 

Once this process is in place, it allows for one system to speak to the other and converse the information that was collected. A great example is how many miles a driver drove, receipts for fueling and GPS systems in place! 

A system integration helps to bring fleet owners and managers into the 21st century and create a streamlined process for their entire crew. 

How can these systems be integrated with one another? The first step is to find the best trucking apps that work for your fleet. Are you not convinced that going digital is the best option? 

Here are the benefits: 

Once the truck shuts off 

It is estimated that fleet managers using fleet software will increase to 16 million by 2022! This includes everything from GPS to vehicle maintenance! Once the truck is off, a system can track more than miles and loads. The system also plays a part in checking your payroll and it also knows when it’s time to change your tires. 

There are thousands of apps on the market that allow for the following functions: Google Map search, live technical support, remote start, locks and route set-up. This system integration could allow for a trucker to turn on their smartphone, get their information and start driving as soon as possible! 

Here are the best trucking apps for trucking maintenance reports! 

Paperless ELD mandate 

The paperless ELD mandate is nothing new in the trucking industry. Fleet owners and operators had two years to get a system in place. However, not all systems have been integrated or are being used to their full advantage. 

A trucker has to be able to show their records immediately when law enforcement requests this information. It is estimated that the amount of HOS fines in 2019 equate to over 4,800 drivers salaries a year! A driver can legally have their ELD system on their smartphones or tablets, but there are regulations to follow. A trucker can use a smartphone or tablet only as long as it hardwire connects to the truck’s engine. 

An integrated system allows for a trucker to simply get their reports to a law enforcement and keeps the company in regulations!  Another positive notion about this is that it helps to reduce and prevent burnout while on the job.

There are trucking apps on the market that help with this common issue called TransDigital. TransDigital is the first paperless logistics system that keeps track of everything from e-signatures to lifetime records. Talk about an integrated system. 

Keep in touch with employees 

It is not always possible to be in touch with truckers. An app allows for managers to see if their drivers have stopped at a truck stop or gas station to fuel up! This is the perfect time to ask questions and get in-touch with drivers before they head off. This helps to keep communication open with each and every employee and for managers to know about any concerns or issues before it is too late! 

At the end of the day, it is imperative for fleet owners and managers to embrace technology such as trucking apps for their crew! These apps could help to improve the lives of everyone from the sales teams to the drivers! 

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