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You're not just another number, you're a part of the TransWood Family

Who doesn’t like freedom in their career and life? By offering various positions nationwide, TransWood provides mechanics the opportunity to find the best position that fits your needs and skills. At TransWood, you’re not just a number; you’re a part of the number one force that keeps America running smoothly. Our mechanics are the backbone of our company so we listen to their ideas and suggestions, invest in their training and education and we give them the respect that they deserve.

Why Mechanics Choose TransWood? 

  • Paid Hourly – Weekly Paychecks
  • Great Hours & Work Schedules
  • Paid Uniforms & Work Boot Allowance
  • Major Heavy Tools Supplied
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Career Advancement
  • Annual Safety Awards
  • Diesel Tech Start-Up Program
  • Full Benefits

Are you a great mechanic?

TransWood mechanics get paid an hourly wage as opposed to being paid for jobs completed. That translates to a steady paycheck week after week so you wont have to rush though jobs just to get the bills paid. With over 35 locations nationwide, we most likely have a location near you!

Are you seeking consistent work hours?

Most of TransWood’s shops operate during traditional 8-5 work hours so Monday – Friday dayshift positions are available. Full-time mechanics can be assured 40 – hour workweeks because our Top-notch preventative maintenance (PM) program ensures that there’s always work to be done.

On the Job Training

TransWood offers various on the job training programs so you can familiarize yourself with the systems that you will be working on. We want our mechanics to become experts in their field so we offer training in various systems. Our belief is that if we have well-trained mechanics then we’ll have well maintained trucks!

“I like that the equipment is kept up and taken care of. I like the open communication with dispatch and that they handle any issue I bring to them in a timely manner.” 

David Moneta

“The location is convenient to my house but that’s not the only reason I’m here. I’m home every night, which is very important to me. I really like the terminal management here because they are easy to work with. They seem to be looking out for their drivers so I know it’s a good place to be.”  

Perry Price

Preventative maintenance (PM) program

Preventative maintenance (PM) program

Our preventative maintenance (PM) program is among the best in the industry. In addition to yearly inspections, all of our equipment goes through regular 60-day inspections to ensure they are road worthy. That’s why our trucks are always on the road instead of out of service or on the side of the road. Of course there will be breakdowns, that’s a given in our industry, but adhering to our PM program has kept the majority of our fleet rolling strong! Are you ready to be a part of team that keeps the tires rolling?

Awards and Recognition

TransWood’s Safe Mechanic award goes out to mechanics that have zero preventableworkplace injuries or accidents from January 1 – December 31 of each year. These mechanics make safety a priority in their job duties day in and day out so we take great pride in their accomplishments.

In addition to the annual Safe Mechanic award, TransWood has the Top Tier Mechanic program. Top Tier mechanics have zero preventative injuries or accidents for 10 years! That means they received the Safe Mechanic award for 10 years straight. That’s the type of mechanic we’re searching for, so if you are a great mechanic that keeps an eye on safety, then TransWood is the place for you.

What is the Diesel Tech Start-Up Program?

Are you finishing up your diesel technician degree or have you recently graduated from a diesel tech school? Then TransWood’s Diesel Tech Start-Up Program is perfect for you! Learn as you earn in addition to other great benefits. Here are some of the benefits of the program.

  • We will purchase your tools to get you started
  • We have a top-notch safety program and annual safety awards
  • We offer continual training and coaching to help you become an expert diesel technician

Our Mission

To achieve excellence through superior systems, training, and dedication which ensures TransWood, will provide a level of disciplined quality service that exceeds our customers' expectations.