How to safely knock out your pre-inspection trip!

In the trucking industry, a pre-trip inspection is critical, but there is another pre-trip inspection that should be happening each and everyday. Even before the engine starts, truckers should have their own routines and rituals that set them…
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Tips for trucking during the holidays

The holidays bring the busiest time of year for truck drivers. Whether you realize it or not, the hard work and dedication from those who are in the trucking industry is what makes the season possible. From family dinners and home decorations…

Bad weather trucking

It is vital that truckers are aware of the conditions of the road and how to best navigate each condition to keep themselves and other drivers around them safe. 

How nutrition impacts safe driving

The foods you choose to put in your body can impact many areas of your life - including road safety.
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How to avoid truck driver burnout

After many months or years of endless driving a truck driver is likely to experience burnout. Learn more about the signs and solutions of burnout and overall trucking industry safety.
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Beating the heat - Avoiding heat related illnesses in the trucking industry

For some truckers, extreme heat can typically become an afterthought, but as summer temperatures continue to rise the risk of heat related illness rises as well.  Heat exhaustion results from dehydration when the body has been depleted of…

4th of July Trucking Safety

Fireworks, barbeques, summer heat: yes the Fourth of July is here once again! As many people are celebrating our country’s Independence Day, that means a lot of people will be traveling. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA),…

Trucking industry safety during tornado season

Being a truck driver is hard work when you think about all the factors that go into driving a big rig. When you throw natural disasters like flooding or tornadoes into the mix everything else just gets a little more complicated. With the…

Distracted driving in the trucking industry prevention tips

In the trucking industry, 11,000 accidents across America were caused by distractions happening outside the truck, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).…

How to prevent accidents at your next stop

For most truck drivers, being safe on the road is such a priority that it’s easy to forget that accidents can happen off the road as well. Anytime a driver is rushing, not paying attention or being careless with safety precautions, this increases…