As technology continues to increase, many industries are having to adapt to new strategies and ways of operating; including the trucking industry. Technology innovations have had a great impact on the scope of transportation, and in turn, trucking companies are constantly adjusting their processes to stay up to date with the current trends. Much of these innovations have made fleet management much easier and efficient.

The trucking industry can expect technology to continue to innovate well into the future. Here is a look at how technology has already changed the way trucking companies operate. 



In recent years, there has been a surge in apps to help trucking companies better operate their business processes. From fleet management to employee safety, new trucking apps allow for trucking companies to operate at a rate like never before. Below are a few ways companies have benefited from trucking apps:


One of the most beneficial ways technology has shaped the trucking industry is by allowing fleet managers to track their trucks, anywhere at any moment. This makes fleet manager’s jobs much easier, as they are able to constantly monitor their trucks and keep an eye on their drivers. They also can detect if their drivers are staying safe on the road!

Tracking apps are also a way customers can track their orders, and have a better understanding of when they can expect shipments to arrive!

Automated freight matching 

One of the biggest trucking industry trends going on right now is the use of apps in which shippers connect with carriers who are able to take on additional loads. This helps reduce empty miles in which truck drivers may be driving, and also diminishes the need of “middlemen” freight brokers. Using automated freight matching technology allows for more efficient hauls, lower fuel costs, and benefits the environment as well. 

Paperless logistics

Paperless logistics apps are another example of how technology has helped innovate and better the trucking industry. Paperless logistics systems offer trucking companies a way to keep track of all files, records, and signatures. And the best part about it is that any employee can access this information, anywhere and anytime. This has helped make law enforcement stops much more efficient as drivers are able to just pull up the app from their phone. 

Fuel saving

Lastly, there are many trucking apps which allow drivers to view gas prices of certain gas stations all across the country. This allows drivers to be able to compare fuel prices by location, and even allows for them to pay for gas right from the app!

As we look into the future, it’s certain that technology will continue to impact the trucking industry in a number of ways. Keeping up with the current technology trends and apps will increase efficiency and overall make your job a little bit easier. 

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