The winter months can be hard on you and your truck. As winter approaches, it’s time to check your truck for problems and to change your driving approach to fit the the weather conditions. Over 70 percent of the roads in the United States are located in snowy areas according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA.)

TransWood has recommendations for inspecting your truck and suggestions to add to your basic training for winter.

Winter maintenance for your truck

When it comes to maintenance, it’s important to use your daily vehicle inspection form as a frame of reference to ensure you check your entire truck for any maintenance concerns. Another place to start is by using this truck maintenance checklist to get you started inspecting your truck.

Start by checking your:

  1. External lamps
  2. Wiper and washing functionality
  3. Tire wear
  4. Air dryer
  5. Front wheels and bearings
  6. Oil in front drive axle
  7. Fuel water separator and draining of condensation
  8. Warning and control lamps
  9. Hinges, locks, doorstops and sealing strips
  10. Drive belts
  11. Turbocharger

By checking these items, you are one step closer to preventing crashes or accidents while you are on the road this winter. Another checklist that you should use, is your annual vehicle inspection form. By using this, you can perform your annual vehicle inspection for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and prepare your truck for the harsh winter months!

Winter driving for truck drivers

Although truck maintenance is a very important part of truck safety there are other things you need to do to drive safely this winter.

Here are basic safety reminders for truckers:

  1. Drive cautiously
  2. Leave plenty of room for stopping
  3. Use your safety belt
  4. Stay hydrated!
  5. Look ahead further than normal
  6. Protect yourself from winter glare
  7. Get winter tires to ensure maximum traction in the snow
  8. Check your battery
  9. Fill up your windshield wiper fluid
  10. Clear all windows, mirrors and lights of snow

No matter how hard you try to be prepared, always be ready for an unexpected weather incident. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are 467 fatalities on average that are connected with icy roads while driving.

The goal for every truck driver is to not have their truck break down or get stuck on the side of the road with no way to make it home. Using this maintenance checklists will help prevent any detrimental breakdowns.

TransWood hopes that these tips help you stay on top of being the best truck driver possible and help to prepare for you those harsh winter weather conditions.

TransWood is committed to protecting the health, safety and security of our employees and independent contractors while minimizing the impact of our operations on the public and the environment where we operate. Our mission is to achieve excellence through superior systems, training, and dedication which ensures TransWood will provide a level of disciplined quality service to exceed our customers’ expectations. Visit our website and contact TransWood so we can start serving your hauling freight needs.

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