During the Summer season, it’s up to truck drivers to pay attention to their surroundings and be prepared for anything that may come their way.

That’s why it’s important you build on your basics skills and training to be more aware of outside dangers to help prevent these dangers!

First, keep yourself protected from the sun!

Truckers no one wants to deal with a painful sunburn on the road! Don’t let yourself become a victim of severe sunburn! No matter how much aloe you put on the burn; it will still hurt and cause discomfort for the entirety of your trip!

The best way to protect yourself while unloading or performing maintenance on your truck in the sun is to carry plenty of sunscreen with the correct SPF for your skin including a separate sunscreen for your face.    

Second, drink plenty of water!

Keep your mind and body healthy with plenty of water. Without water you run the risk of leaving yourself vulnerable to dehydration! Remember, by drinking a glass of water with every meal or healthy snack you can keep yourself from getting dehydrated and feel fuller on the road!

Third, check your 18-wheeler for maintenance!

When it comes to performing a truck pre-trip inspection, it’s important you do it before you hit the road! Make sure that your tire pressure, brakes and other elements around your truck are prepared for the extreme heat of a Summer day!

Hot temperatures and heat waves can cause erosion or fading to happen to your brakes quicker than other seasons. That’s why a truck pre-trip inspection should be done as thoroughly as possible!

Next, pay attention to the weather along the way.

Unfortunately, the weather can be very sporadic as you cross different terrain. Not only should the possibility of thunderstorms and heat waves be a concern, but the possibility of other weather like tornadoes and hail as well.   

While driving through unknown terrain or the local area, it’s important to know the weather stations for severe weather alerts and warnings. These stations can be added to the truck’s radio system before any trip as a part of the truck pre-trip inspection process.

If need be, one can use their smartphone. However, it’s important to not let the many distractions on your phone take your eyes off the road! A common app is the weather channel that can be used based on all your different locations.

Keep an eye on traffic reports!

Knowing when and where there will be extra drivers on the roads can be extremely helpful when planning out your route. Not only does it save time, but it can help you stay out of overcrowded areas that might cause an accident!

Another factor you should be cautious of is traveling through work zones! It may seem like a good direct route at first, but things can get tricky fast!

Take this scenario for example:

The roads start to narrow into one lane with multiple roadside workers directing traffic and civilian cars are all rushing to change lanes. A truck can easily get trapped and spend 15 minutes waiting for cars to pass by before they can change lanes safely.

You can’t always avoid traffic in the trucking industry. However, you can try to plan your route ahead of time to be aware of high traffic areas, such as big cities or summertime attractions!

In the end, all you need to worry about is following these traveling tips to keep yourself and truck safe on the road this Summer!  


TransWood is committed to protecting the health, safety and security of our employees and independent contractors while minimizing the impact of our operations on the public and the environment where we operate. Please, contact TransWood so we can start serving your hauling freight needs.

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