Safety on the road should be all drivers’ top priority. And as a truck driver, you should be extra cautious because of the large load you are carrying. Proper safety is everything from how you get in and out of the cab to how you drive. One safety measure is a truck driver dash cam, in this blog we will provide safety tips for truck drivers. 


Safety Tips 


Before you leave for your trip, the first thing you should do is a pre-trip safety inspection. You want to make sure that your load is placed in the proper area where it is well-balanced to avoid any spills or potential hazards. Also, do not forget to check your tires and brakes! 


Before you leave, check the weather of where you are going and the route. This helps you prepare for weather conditions and allows time to create precautions while driving. 


When you are on the road, you want to drive defensively. This is safer for you and others on the road. Be on the lookout for any construction or traffic stops, remember to use your mirrors regularly and keep an eye out for vehicles coming behind you. This tip might be a no-brainer but it’s always good to repeat! Finally, know the local speed limits and driving laws and follow them. 


Do not drive when you are distracted! Using your phone is not the only culprit to distracted driving, other examples are drinking, eating or figuring out how to use your GPS. Before you leave for the trip, set your cab up so you know where everything is and where you are going. 


One thing to remember is to take breaks! Stop at a truck stop, stretch your legs and walk around for five to 10 minutes. It’s good to get the blood flowing in your legs and give your mind a rest. While you are on your break you can also take the time to check your load, tires or look for any leaks. 


Did you know that what you eat will affect your performance when driving? As a truck driver, you want to have a healthy diet to keep your performance at a high level. It can also help with alertness while driving. You want to eat lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber foods and drink lots of water! 


The final safety tip is to always have a truck driver dash cam installed into the cab! 


Importance of a truck driver dash cam 


As a truck driver, most of your work is done alone but having a dash cam will give you an extra set of eyes on the road. If any car accidents occur it will give you evidence of what happened and this can help to prevent any insurance fraud. Having a truck driver dash cam can also be a tool when you are training other drivers. You can rewatch what has been recorded and point out specifically what could be done differently for future driving.  


Truck drivers should also have devices that help keep them safe on the road. They will benefit from having an electronic logging device (ELD), hands-free phone calls and a GPS. An ELD is a timesheet that logs how many miles they have driven. 


TransWood is committed to the safety of our drivers and those who share the road with them. Visit our website or give us a call for more information about who we are! 

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