During the holidays, most people are unaware of what an important role truck drivers play in their holiday activities. If it weren’t for truckers, the holiday season would be without gifts and yummy food for holiday dinners. The streets of cities would be without Christmas lights, holiday decor and stores would run out of merchandise.

The truth is, that the dedicated men and women in the trucking industry are away from their families so they can bring Christmas to America. According to the American Trucking Association, there are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States. Even though that seems like a large number truck drivers have a lot to accomplish during the holidays.

Although TransWood tries to have their drivers home almost every night, the trucking industry is in high demand during the holidays. Therefore, some drivers are not always home during the holidays. For most truckers, it’s better to look at the holidays as just another day on the road. That way, they can focus on other things like how to be safe and efficient while driving their rig.

Tips for on the road this holiday

  1. Check the forecast and pack for the weather.
  2. Stay safe! Remember, your basic skills training.
  3. Pack some healthy snacks to keep you going.
  4. Drive smart! The wrong route can cost you more money.

Even if you are on the road this holiday season, you can still enjoy the Holidays! In fact, there are several options for truckers to stay in touch with their loved ones and make the most of their holiday on the road. You can stay connected with family while you’re away by following these four easy tips.

Tips to stay connected during the holidays

  1. Take time to call or Facetime family on your break.
  2. Share holiday spirit with others on the road at truck stops.
  3. Treat yourself to a nice holiday dinner.

As truck drivers, it’s not always easy to be away from home for the holidays. After the holidays have happened, something fun you and your fellow truckers could plan is a gift exchange.

Truckers your job is more important than you know. Without truckers, families across the United States would be without a Christmas tree, holiday dinners, Christmas lights, gifts and more.

Although, people in the United States aren’t always aware of your role you play in their holidays, TransWood would like to say thank you to drivers for working over the holidays and helping families celebrate this holiday season.  

At TransWood it’s our mission to achieve excellence through superior systems, training and dedication which ensures TransWood will provide a level of disciplined quality service that exceeds our customers’ expectation. If you are interested in working for TransWood head to our website for an application. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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