When it comes to performing a truck pre-trip inspection, making sure that everything is working properly is an extremely important step for driving safely. As required, a pre-trip inspection is meant to be done before every trip to prevent accidents from happening! 

For most drivers, the idea of performing a truck pre-trip inspection can be an overwhelming task to think about. However, there are plenty of ways for drivers to split up their truck inspection into sections to make a pre-trip inspection more manageable! Check out our trucking blogs to learn how to be prepared for trip inspections. 

First, Chock your wheels! 

When your truck is getting inspected, be sure to chock your wheels! This may seem like a no-brainer but often times people forget. It is for your safety and it will prevent any accidental movements during your inspection. 

In addition to making sure that your wheels are chocked, you should check the wheel lug nuts. Ensure they are tightened and won’t become loose while you are driving. 

Second, inspect the inside of your cab!

Now, it’s time to check your signals, buttons and switches for errors! Some items you’ll want to look for are burned out bulbs, buttons that are functioning properly and that your mirrors are placed in the right position. Also, take a look at your seatbelts! Make sure any edges are not frayed and they are in working condition. 

Be sure the inside is clean! The cleaner your cab is, the safer it is for you. For example, if your dashboard is filled with your old wrappers and trash, your windshield might have trouble defrosting/ defogging. In addition, trash moves around and may get in the way of your gas pedals and brakes. 

Third, your brakes! 

Brakes are one of the hardest working parts of your truck! It also is one of the most frequent violations. When you are doing your truck pre-trip inspection you want to be sure to check breaks from the inside and the outside. Make sure you have a brake adjustment and slack adjuster to help with proper adjusting. 

Don’t forget to perform the air brake test! To perform an air brake test properly, you need to make sure that there are no leaks or tire pressure loss before getting out on the road. If there are leaks or pressure loss, then you should be altered by the warning lights and buzzer in your truck.

Overall, you can never be too careful when it comes to your safety and others on the road. By doing a truck pre-trip inspection you will have the peace of mind that your truck is not only working safely but efficiently. 

Fourth, check your reflectors. 

Reflectors are important for your vision at night, you can even have strips put along your cab and trailer to increase your visibility. Over time they can become cracked, dirty and ineffective. Remember to clean them so they can work properly. 

For all drivers, please remember to always be thorough while checking all parts of your truck and follow your basic skills before your next trip! If you would like to read more of our trucking blogs or learn more please, contact TransWood for more information!