How to manage a fleet during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world and how things are done. One year ago, if anyone said the phrases, “we need to wear masks” or “remember to be socially distant.” We would have thought they were crazy, but now those phrases are used daily…
Transwood acquires Kane.

TransWood Carriers Acquires Kane Transport of Minnesota

Omaha, NE: TransWood, a privately-owned trucking company specializing in liquid and dry bulk transportation, announces the purchase of Kane Transport. Kane is a 150 plus truck, bulk carrier based in Minnesota; hauling petroleum products, construction,…
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Tips for trucking during the holidays

The holidays bring the busiest time of year for truck drivers. Whether you realize it or not, the hard work and dedication from those who are in the trucking industry is what makes the season possible. From family dinners and home decorations…