How much have you heard about the trucking industry? The trucker lifestyle is one of a kind, and we are here to debunk all the myths you may have heard! 

The first myth we are going to debunk is that all truck drivers are men. The truth is that there are over 200,000 female truck drivers in the United States. There are even organizations, like Women In Trucking, that encourage women to go out and be a part of that trucker lifestyle!

The second myth is that truck drivers are the reason for unsafe conditions on the road. People believe that truck drivers intentionally go faster in order to increase efficiency. While being able to get to a destination quicker is ideal, safety comes first. 

The faster you drive, the higher chances of you getting into an accident. This is why truck drivers are trained on the correct safety measures. Companies like TransWood are constantly sharing driver safety tips to help their drivers continuously stay safe on the road. 

The third myth is that truckers are overworked and get no family time. While it is true that some drivers can spend up to weeks on the road, it is not true for all drivers. Different companies offer different schedules, some will offer drivers seven days on and seven days off. Or other drivers are home almost every night. These nights and days can be spent resting and creating quality memories with loved ones. 

The fourth myth is that truck drivers are uneducated. The truth is that most truckers choose to get their bachelor’s degree before becoming a truck driver. There are over 200,000 drivers who have college level education or a bachelor’s degree! 

The fifth myth is truck drivers have an easy job. Truck drivers play a large role in our society, whether or not you notice. A world without truckers is empty; store shelves, gas stations, hospital supplies and water supply. 

Every profession comes with its challenges! Don’t let what others say to keep you from the job, follow your heart! It is best to get advice from people who are in the profession! As with every job, you will need to find what works for you, the trucker lifestyle is different for everyone. One of the most important things to do is remember to keep your physical and mental health in checkKeeping your health in check will help you be the best trucker you can be! TransWood is committed to protecting the health, safety and security of our employees. Don’t let myths stop you, contact us today!

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