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What is it like to be a long haul trucker?

Deciding to become a long haul truck driver is not just about starting a new career, but beginning a new lifestyle; the trucker lifestyle. As with every career, there are both pros and cons to becoming a long haul driver, as well as living the trucker lifestyle.  In this blog, we go over the pros […]

UPDATED: How your diet can impact safe driving

All truck drivers should focus on fueling their bodies with healthy nutrients and foods. As the trucker lifestyle can make this difficult to do at times, it’s essential in helping you stay healthy, as well as stay alert and awake while on the road. It may seem like it’s difficult to get on a healthy […]

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5 Things Professional Truckers Should NEVER Do

Being a professional truck driver offers individuals many perks and opportunities, such as seeing new sites and places, being free on the open road, and expanding your network and career knowledge. However, to become a professional truck driver, you first and foremost need to be a safe driver.  As one of the best trucking companies […]


Fuel Saving Hacks For Truckers

Fuel is one of the highest costs that come with truck driving. However, by improving your fuel efficiency by one mile per gallon, you could save up to $10,000 in fuel spending per year.  Below, we’ve provided some trucker hacks that will help truckers improve their fuel efficiency and ultimately save money on fuel costs! […]