As we move through 2021, we find ourselves in the month of March; spring is coming already! While the weather outside starts to gradually warm up, March is also Women’s History Month! This is a great time of the year to celebrate all of the strong women who have helped pave the way for women in the trucking industry. Today, we will be discussing the history of women truckers and how women have shaped who our industry is today. 

The start of women in the trucking industry

Women have had a significant impact on the trucking industry for many years. Dating back to 1918 during World War I, Lucile Bates was the first woman to drive a truck. This was a huge accomplishment, as she was also the first woman to receive her driver’s license in the state of New York. 

Around ten years later, Lucile Drennan became the first woman to earn her CDL (commercial driver’s license), and later on, went to start and own her own trucking company, making her the first woman to own a trucking company! Lucile’s accomplishments had a significant impact on not only women in our industry, but every woman in our country!

In 1943, Mazie Lanham became the first female driver for UPS! Since there was a shortage of truck drivers due to World War II, Mazie used her position to hire many more women, which continued even after the war was finished. 

Lastly, Adriesue “Bitsy” Gomez was another part of the history of women in trucking. She was a large contributor to the 1970s Coalition of Women Truck Drivers. Gomez broke barriers and was an advocate for women in trucking. 

Why women should become truck drivers

Now more than ever, women should consider starting a career in the trucking industry. With a current shortage of truck drivers, anyone, especially women, can come in and start making good money right away. The average salary is $73,000 a year. Women in trucking make up to 20 to 30 percent more than they would in other fields and industries. 

Another reason women should consider becoming a truck driver is because as a truck driver, you have the independence and joy of the untraveled road. The work schedule can be flexible and the compensation allows you to have a great living. At TransWood, we make sure that our drivers are coming home every night and enjoying quality time with their families. 

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we hope you have learned some new information on how women have paved the way for our industry. TransWood is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage both men and women to join our team. Apply today and learn how you can pursue a career that you always dreamed of while having the chance to be close to home!

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