Trucking companies all over the country have been seeing a trucker shortage. This means that there are currently more trucking openings than ever before! If you are a young adult wanting to start your work career or a baby boomer who is looking for a career switch, the trucking industry may be just right for you!

The trucker lifestyle offers many benefits. Below are some reasons why anyone should consider a career as a professional truck driver! 

Not much training

If you don’t want to spend your whole career training, then trucking might be right down your alley! Certified Driver’s License (CDL) training usually only takes around seven weeks to complete. There may be additional training after your CDL, but the fact is that you are not going to be spending years to get where you want to be. This also means that you are able to start working and getting paid almost right away! 


A main benefit of pretty much any job is that you get paid for your work. In the trucking industry, you start off getting paid well compared to other industries. After receiving your CDL, entry-level drivers can assume to be paid at least $35,000 per year. And the longer you stick with it, the more money you will end up making! Also, most trucking companies offer a competitive benefits package which can include 401k and insurance options. 

Job stability

The trucking industry is known for providing very stable jobs to all drivers. And with the current high demand for new truck drivers, job stability is very relevant! You will almost always find work whenever you want it, and as the industry continues to grow, more opportunities will be sure to pop out!

Work on your own

Another benefit of a trucker lifestyle is being able to drive on your own. Are you tired of your boss always looking over your shoulder while at work? Truckers have the freedom to take responsibility for their work and are often taught to drive at their own pace. 

Visit new places

One of the coolest perks of becoming a professional truck driver is being able to travel and see new places all across the country. Truck drivers are given the opportunity to see new sights, hear new sounds, and meet new people! If you are an adventurous person who enjoys taking in nature and seeing new sites, the trucking industry is perfect for you!

If you are looking for a new career opportunity where you have minimal training, get paid well, can always find work, visit new places, and enjoy freedom on the road, then the trucker lifestyle just might be right for you! 

With terminals all over the country, we are constantly looking to add new certified professional drivers to our team here at TransWood. Visit our website today to learn more about our company and services, and apply to become a certified professional driver today!

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