Fuel is one of the highest costs that come with truck driving. However, by improving your fuel efficiency by one mile per gallon, you could save up to $10,000 in fuel spending per year. 

Below, we’ve provided some trucker hacks that will help truckers improve their fuel efficiency and ultimately save money on fuel costs!

There are many trucker hacks to help improve fuel efficiency that are pretty obvious, like finding the lowest gas price in the area, taking the shortest and quickest route, and avoiding unnecessary driving. However, there are many other ways truckers can minimize fuel usage! 

Minimize idling

Every trucker should try their best to minimize the time they spend idle. Idling is when your truck is on but parked. Every hour of idling burns about a gallon of fuel. Although this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it can add up fast depending on how much time you are spent idle. 

Improve your trucks aerodynamics 

Another thing that is often overlooked when it comes to being more fuel efficient is the aerodynamics of your truck. Studies have found that 50% of a truck’s fuel is consumed for overcoming aerodynamic drag while travelling on interstates and highways. There are a number of ways fleets can address this issue and create more fuel efficient trucks. 

Use cruise control

Whenever you can, use cruise control! Cruise control allows truckers to keep their foot off the pedal, reducing unnecessary accelerations and decelerations. By using cruise control, truckers could save up to 6% in fuel consumption on the road!

Monitor your tire pressure

Although it may not seem like it, even a slight change in your tire pressure can make your truck less fuel efficient. For every one psi drop in pressure, your fuel milage gets reduced by .3%. 

Perform regular maintenance

Another important thing fleets can do to help reduce their fuel consumption is to perform regular maintenance on all of their trucks. When fleets are performing regular maintenance on their trucks, they will be able to identify any issues that are causing more fuel consumption and are able to get it fixed! 

When performing maintenance, it’s important that you are checking the tires, monitoring roll resistance, replacing old fuel-injectors, and checking your tractor and drive axle alignment. 

Use the right oil and fuel for your engine

Lastly, every fleet should ensure that they are using the manufacturer recommended grade of motor oil. Doing so could improve your fuel mileage by one to two percent. And as it goes with diesel fuel, there are a few trucker hacks that can make a difference: 

  • Fill your truck up early in the morning
  • Pump fuel at a low setting
  • Fill up before you are completely empty
  • Consider using premium grade fuel

Fuel costs have been affecting the bottom line for fleets for many years. However, with these trucker hacks, you could save money and become more fuel efficient today!

At TransWood, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality services. To learn more about us, visit our website or give us a call at 402-341-2112 today! 

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