What have you been fueling your body with? The right nutrients can help your body and mind stay alert while on the road. The best trucking companies, like TransWood,  will encourage drivers to eat healthily and get a good night of sleep each and every night to help reduce driver’s fatigue and increase safety. 

How nutrition impacts safe driving

Healthy eating is essential in all areas of life. What you eat has an impact on your body and mental well-being. It affects your concentration, energy levels and decision making. Statistics show that eight out of 10 road accidents are related to what individuals eat.

The food choices you make as a truck driver from eating out, eating at home to eating regularly scheduled meals impact your state of health and wellness. Food is a source of fuel that regulates your mood and energy, which in turn affect your focus. For instance, if you eat unhealthy meals, you are bound to feel sleepy and sluggish during a haul. This can increase your chances of a collision.

How food impacts driver fatigue and concentration

Certain foods like fizzy drinks or fatty beef and lamb can significantly affect your concentration and mental clarity. These foods do not boost your energy and lower your alertness levels contributing to driver fatigue. 

When preparing for a long haul, do not pack any sugary or fatty foods to snack on the way. The best trucking companies will advise their drivers on other options than fast-food restaurants such as snacks and meals. 

Studies show that some foods like blueberries stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the brain, keeping you alert for many hours. Thus, opt for such foods to improve your mental focus. Drinking water is also vital when driving because it provides the brain with electrical energy to perform memory and thought processes. Ensure you are drinking eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

Are snacks an option for you?

Long hauls can be challenging as you may feel hungry before your next truck stop. If you are not careful, you may eat more than you require on your next stop. You can avoid this by packing snacks to bite on as you drive. Snacks make you fuller for longer before your next meal. Pack healthy snacks like nuts, berries, apple slices and kale chips to add protein to your diet.

Healthy eating and meal prepping 

The best tip is to make your meals in a large quantity, try to make around five to seven meals in advance. An easy option is a pasta because it won’t go bad and it is easy to make. Another option is to use a crock-pot. Just throw all your ingredients in and let it cook for a few hours! Your meal can be cooking while you are sleeping or doing any other activity. 

Another thing to know is to avoid energy and sugary drinks. These drinks are high in calories and will give you energy at first, but they deplete energy levels. The best trucking companies recommend their drivers drink water since it can help combat drowsiness. 

TransWood strives to protect the safety, health and security of all employees while conserving the environment. Contact us for more information on our hiring process. 


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