In June, the trucking industry showed a major sector growth for the third consecutive month this year. Over 24,000 careers were fulfilled in the trucking industry which is an increase of over 3,000 careers since May! 

Since January 2019, the trucking industry continues to steadily rise in the amount of career fulfilled and opportunities in the sector. Maybe college is not the path one is willing to go down or the amount of debt is terrifying. It is understandable and it is important to understand that there are fulfilling careers without college degrees and one of them is trucking! 

These are five signs you’re meant to be a trucker! 

A career with growth potential

A trucker has the opportunity to continue to grow and learn during the duration of their career. This is because you will need to get your CDL updated and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are over 7.4 million Americans who careers are currently tied to the trucking industry. Whether you are a trucker, fleet manager or owner and/or operator – there is always a chance to grow!

Colleges and universities aren’t for you

Not everyone wants to get a four year degree or go to a college or university! Which is 100 percent fine! The best part about trucking is that it is a career that does not involve furthering your education with a degree. A trucker can certainly advance their education with training courses, certifications and other options, but certainly does not need a degree.

The ability to travel

Do you want to travel around the United States at any given time? The trucking industry is the perfect opportunity for you. A long haul trucker has the ability to drive from the West coast to the East coast and stop and see everything in between.

Working alone

While there are options for team drives, often times, truckers will be driving alone. The typical day is just you, the road and your truck. You can listen to music, podcasts or just watch the world go by, but you will be alone for most of the trip. This is why it is a perfect career for someone who works better individually.

A timeless career

The trucking industry is often credited to helping keep our economy stable. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) there are over 430,000 trucking companies currently and this number continues to grow. As the rise of e-commerce, same day shipping and online orders demands continue, there will be a need to ship these items from warehouse to warehouse. Who will do this? Truckers. 

When someone fills up their gas tank, truckers were the ones who provided the fuel by delivering it. This same person walks into the gas station to find a snack and soda, again, a trucker was able to get the snacks and soda transported to this gas station. Without truckers, there would be a serious logistics and supply and demand crisis.

TransWood Carriers is one of those 430,000 companies out there that offers employees great benefits with work/life balance and schedule flexibility. When searching for a timeless career, find the best company to grow with. 

Do any of these five signs resonate with you? It is the perfect time to find a timeless career with growth opportunities.

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