First and foremost, we at Transwood want to give a big thank to you all the Veterans out there! We truly appreciate your service. Now Veterans, what’s next? If you haven’t thought about your next career path, a truck driver would be a great option! Veterans make the best trucker and we’ll tell you why. 

Coming back to everyday life can be a challenge and finding a job might not be what you thought it was going to be. CDL truck driving is perfect for veterans because they have attention to detail. Other skills learned from the force:  


  • Self-sufficient 
  • Accustomed to being away from loved ones 
  • Patience 
  • Punctual 

All of these skills can make you one the best trucker out there! The list is continues, the DMV gave their reasons to why they think veterans make great truck drivers. They say that they are great at noticing their surroundings which is great for the safety of themselves and others out on the road. Veterans can also be seen as more dependable because of their past work. They also have the ability to be a leader while working well with others. 

Why be a truck driver? 

First thing to mention is that you might already have a CDL from your time in the military which means that you can have a higher start rate. Even if you don’t have one you might qualify for a skills waiver test. 

Once you are hired, it will be a quick turn around for you! Within a few months you’ll be behind the wheel. Also, take advantage of the G.I Bill, you earned it! You might get payments while going through training. 

There’s good job security, just be sure to choose a company that you like! Along with job security, you will get steady pay and benefits! You’ll get a consistent paycheck, benefits, retirement, bonus pay and a good amount of paid time off (PTO). 

Is the industry right for you? 

YES! You are perfect for this job! The industry is in need of quality drivers. You already had the experience from driving during your time in the military. You know how to remain safe and keep others safe as well. 

If school was never your favorite thing, this can be perfect for you! Four more years of school might not seem exciting, and all you want to do is get your career going, truck driving is perfect. You are beyond qualified and experienced for a job like this! 

Being in the military you are used to having a job of significance and being a truck driver is no different. Our world relies heavily on truck drivers whether people know it or not. They are the constant supply of our everyday necessities. Such as; food, water, gas, cash, health care and garbage! Be the best trucker and make a difference in people’s lives! 

When you were in the military did you have a good work life balance? You probably learned how important it was to communicate effectively with your loved ones. One of the biggest challenges for truck drivers is finding the balance between work life and home life. This is just another skill that shows why this is the perfect job for you! 

At Transwood, we are dedicated to keeping our employees happy, safe and healthy. If you are a veteran, know a veteran or just want to join our team, contact us today!

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