For many truck drivers, this time of year can be especially hard, having to spend the holidays away from friends and families. After a long, hard stretch, it is important for a driver to take a break at a rest stop. Doing so refreshes both the mind and body. A good rest stop can make a driver feel like they are home, even if they are thousands of miles away.

A good, quality rest stop should offer drivers certain amenities such as; free showers, a 24/7 restaurant that offers healthy alternatives and a separate lounge that includes charging stations and free Wi-Fi. The largest truck stop in US has all of these and more, but is it the best truck stop in the country?

Where is the largest truck stop located in the US?

The largest truck stop in US is the Iowa 80 Truckstop. It is located near the Eastern border of the state, by a small town known as Walcott and relatively close to the Mississippi River. It was founded in 1964 by Bill Moon as a location for Standard Oil, before Interstate 80 was finished.

A year later in 1965, Bill became the manager and stayed there for almost the next twenty years. Then in 1984, Standard Oil, which had since become Amoco, decided to sell the truckstop. With some help from friends, Bill and his wife Carolyn purchased Iowa 80.

After 55 years of business, it has been through 28 expansions and remodels and is now the World’s Largest Truckstop. It boasts a unique range of amenities for drivers such as 900 truck parking spaces, a trucking museum that opened in 2008, a restaurant that can serve 300 guests, a barber shop, a chiropractor and even a dentist. 

Do all these features make Iowa 80 Truckstop the best truck stop?

Best Truck Stops in US

While people may disagree which truckstop is the best one, there are six rest stops that appear on multiple lists in either the top 10 or top five, including Iowa 80 Truckstop. The other five are Buc-ee’s, Jubitz, Little America, Sapp Bros. and South of the Border.

Almost all Buc-ee’s are in Texas, except for one Alabama location. In 2012, the New Braunfels location in Texas won the award for the cleanest restrooms in America. A few weeks ago, they were voted the best convenience store by the Food and Wine magazine editors. Additionally, five locations are known for their full service car washes.

Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center is in Portland, Oregon, off I-5 and was named the “World’s Classiest Truck Stop” by FOX Travel Channel. The Portlander Inn has 100 rooms, a movie theater that can hold 61 people, and it only costs $6. The Ponderosa Lounge is the biggest country western bar in Portland with live music on weekends.

The fuel center at Little America in Wyoming is attached to a 500-acre hotel with a golf course and a 24-hour convenience store. Drivers can get special rates by showing a valid CDL. The driver’s lounge has a 50” flat screen TV, private shower rooms that come with oversized tubs and shipping by the U.S. post office. Drivers also have access to the Rocky Mountain Truck Center with a long list of available services.

Sapp Bros. was founded in 1971 in Omaha, Neb. by four brothers. While a vast majority of the travel centers are in Nebraska, they are spread out across the Midwest and even have a location in Pennsylvania. Points for a rewards program can be earned through using their services and service centers can provide roadside service 24/7.

South of the Border is located in South Carolina and has attractions such as an amusement park, a fireworks store and recently opened, the largest indoor reptile display in the U.S. It has three restaurants that serve Tex-Mex, American, steaks and an ice-cream store. Lastly, a glass elevator takes guests up the 200-feet high sombrero tower that overlooks the whole place.

All across the country there are places such as the largest truck stop in US, where drivers can go to recharge and refuel both themselves and their trucks. Taking a long break or stopping for the night can help a driver stay focused on the road and avoid burnout. Remember to take plenty of breaks this holiday season and let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them!

Two of the above truck stops even have Christmas buffets for you to enjoy, so there is no reason not to take a break and eat a delicious meal this holiday season:

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