In every industry, there are many different components that make up a well-oiled machine. In the food industry, you have the chefs, waitresses and waiters, cashiers, prep cooks and everyone else who plays a large part in the success of the restaurant, but on the other hand, in the trucking industry, one of the most important groups is the literal reason why the machines are well-oiled.

In this case, the well-oiled machines are the trucks that our truck drivers drive each and every day. The importance of a well-maintained truck is a no-brainer in the industry, and at TransWood, we pride ourselves on the ability to continuously provide the best maintenance on our fleets.

However, the industry is reporting that to keep up with the uptick in the trucking industry and well-maintained trucks, over 67,000 technicians are needed in the industry. This is due to an aging workforce of diesel mechanics, but this shows the importance of diesel mechanics in the industry. 

What are the other reasons for the importance of diesel mechanics

Maintenance on a wide range of trucks 

A diesel mechanic technician requires schooling just like any other trade professionals, and with this industry, there is the ability to specialize in one area or be a well-versed professional on a number of different trucks. 

This is because a “diesel mechanic” can be qualified in other industries as well such as construction, agriculture and other common industries that will have large equipment and transportation. This not only helps our industry, but it helps every other industry out there as well. 


Since a diesel mechanic often possesses the ability to maintenance, repair and troubleshoot a number of different trucks within a number of industries, their expertise and skill set is valuable. 

Not only are their skill sets and expertise valuable, but their communication is just as important because they need to troubleshoot and explain the areas of problems and exactly how it can be fixed. In our industry, this is the difference between a load making it on time or behind schedule without any other factors such as weather conditions or traffic that are always taken into consideration. 

There would be no trucks moving! 

Without proper maintenance and repairs in place, there would be no trucks moving on the road! Without trucks, the world would be a very different place! While there are other means of transportation of goods, trucks are the easiest and most common type of transportation for a large range of goods from chemicals to feed for animals. 

These reasons and others are some of the reasons why there is such an importance of diesel mechanics in our industry! Thank you to all diesel mechanics, and especially the ones at TransWood! Just like drivers, we are always searching for professional and qualified mechanics in our terminals around the United States.

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