Do you believe that there is an age limit to start a career? If you are currently unhappy with your current career, you are not stuck! There are options for you to wake up every day and enjoy what you do while making a difference in people’s lives. The best trucking companies, like TransWood, are here to tell you that a trucking career is rewarding and it is not too late to start your career!  

The only age restriction is when you can start driving. You have to be at least 18 to obtain your CDL but depending on the company you might have to be over 21, the required ages vary by state and company. 

If you are thinking, “I’m too old to start a trucking career.” Did you know that the average American trucker is 49? Also, it is not uncommon to see people who are in their 50’s and 60’s get their Certified Drivers License (CDL)! 

Being older means that you typically have more life experience. The trucker lifestyle can be long stretches on the road. This can create challenges such as not being able to see loved ones daily and maintaining a healthy diet which contributes to overall performance. The experience can help by being able to better manage your time and give you the ability to cope with the hours spent without loved ones. 

The best trucking companies, like TransWood, will give all their drivers tips on coping with over the road driving, diet and physical health. Being a truck driver is for anyone, including military veterans!

Your time in the military has given you the experience and maturity needed for truck driving. Truck drivers need to be aware of their surroundings, have the ability to adapt, be responsible, mental endurance and excellent teamwork. You are also required to pass a physical every two years, and being former military means you know what it takes to be in tip-top physical shape! 

What should I do next?

Need to pass Department of Transportation (DOT) physical 

The DOT physical is valid for two years, once you have passed you are given a certificate that needs to be present at all times when operating a truck. Certain conditions that need to be frequently monitored are high blood pressure, mental health and others. 

The conditions that are being tested are vision, color blindness, blood pressure, hearing, heart health and during the exam, you will be questioned about any current medications that you are on. 

What happens if you do not pass the exam? Can you still be a truck driver? Depending on why you fail, you can speak to your doctor about any treatment options and if there is an improvement you may take the exam again. There are also options for aspiring drivers who have diabetes and vision or hearing disabilities. 

To answer the question, “am I too old to be a truck driver?” the answer is no. Truck driving is a great career choice for all ages. The best trucking companies, like TransWood, promote the health and well-being of all drivers by constantly sharing tips and tricks. Don’t let your age stop you from the career of your dreams. Contact us today!

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