As a working adult, finding new ideas for eating healthy can be a challenge. As a truck driver, the task of living a healthy life raises more challenges than your average working adult. At truck stops, it is convenient to buy large sodas, chips, candy and more. Finding healthy snacks for truck drivers at truck stops is challenging which is why it is best to pack your meals. 

Healthy tips for truck drivers 

The first thing to remember is to set a goal and stick with it. Make sure the goals are realistic for you! It’s easier to start with small life changes rather than turning your lifestyle upside down. Did you know that what you eat throughout the day can impact your driving? It’s true, here are five tips to help you eat healthy and be the best driver possible! 

Tip one: Water, water and water! When your body signals that you are “thirsty” it is already dehydrated. The best way to prevent that is to constantly sip water throughout the day. 

Tip two: Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. They are filled with vitamins and minerals that affect your overall health. 

Tip three: Stay away from stimulants, like coffee and energy drinks. Drinking it constantly can affect your health in the long run. If you are a coffee-lover and can not function without it, try to reduce your daily intake. Have one cup a day rather than three. Constantly drinking energy drinks can cause heart and blood vessel problems. 

Tip four: Consume lean proteins, such as chicken and turkey. Avoid fatty food, like chips, fries, burgers and sweets. 

Tip five: Get a good amount of sleep every night, aim for at least seven to eight a night. This will help keep your body rested and your mind awake and ready for the road. 

Importance of meal prep

Over the road, or more commonly known as long haul truck drivers, understand that having meals prepped and ready to go will make all the difference for your overall health and keep healthy snacks for truck drivers easily accessible. One great treasure for drivers is a slow cooker. Drivers, all you have to do is put all the ingredients in the pot and leave it alone for a few hours. You can catch up on any sleep or get some exercise! 

Making your food in large quantities can save you time. It’s easier to cut, cook and clean all at once for the whole week instead of once every couple of days. 

When you are planning out your meal and snacks every day, you want to be sure that they are portioned well. By following the serving size suggestions, you might start to notice that you aren’t bloated after your snacks and they will last longer than what you are used to. Trail mix, nuts or foods that are low in trans fat are great healthy snacks for truck driversAt TransWood we are committed to protecting the health, safety and security of our employees and independent contractors. For more information contact us today!

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