Have there been times when your mind just zones out for a bit? This means that your brain has transitioned into autopilot. 25 to 50 percent of the time, your mind will wander on its own because your mind either gets relaxed or bored. This can be a large problem for cdl jobs like over the road truck drivers. 

What causes truckers to zone out when driving? 

Lack of sleep can cause drivers’ minds to zone out while behind the wheel. A proper night of sleep can help you stay alert during the long hours of over the road driving. 

It is common that cdl jobs can be repetitive and as a truck driver one way to prevent zoning out is by taking new routes to keep it interesting for you. After consistently driving on the same road, your mind will know what to expect which leads to you zoning out. We know that finding a new route consistently may be a challenge, but always try to find an alternative route to try your best to prevent zoning out. 

When night driving, it is easier to zone out which means try to drive during the daylight hours, but if you can not, stay alert! 

At times, zoning out will just occur, so it is imperative that you are aware of when you are doing it. As soon as you catch yourself, pull yourself back immediately. 

A great way to get yourself out of zoning out is by meditation. This helps train your brain to control your attention and direct it to where you want it to be. Another tip to keep yourself refocused is to pull over in a safe area, and take a short break or grab a snack to get you through the rest of the drive! 

Why might I be zoning out?

Zoning out is a common occurrence for everyone. But as a truck driver, you might be facing burn out. Are you struggling in the morning to get to work? Or are you taking your time during your trips and spending extra time at truck stops? Do you find yourself zoning out on every drive? These are a few signs that you are facing truck driver burn out. 

If you think your zoning out is caused by burn out, be sure you are taking action! This is for your safety, the people around you and your loved ones! Here are ways you can combat truck driver burn out. 

  • Vacation/staycation
  • Regular breaks 
  • Healthy eating and sleeping schedule 
  • Electronic logs 

Vacations are a great way to clear your mind, but if it is not in your budget, a staycation is perfect! Spend a couple of days with your loved ones to reset your mind. 

Cdl jobs are hard work, so it is important that you remember to take regular breaks or go on frequent short walks. Give yourself time to relax so you can safely continue to work. 

Healthy eating is a challenge but try meal prepping to save time and prevent yourself from eating fast-food or gas station food! Remember a large portion of what we eat can cause us to feel bloated and sleepy. Snacks can also help you stay alert on the job.  

An electronic log can help you keep track of how much driving you have done. Seeing your hours tally up can act as a reminder to take a break and stay within regulations! TransWood puts its drivers’ safety first! We share safe driving tips, over the road driving advice and more information regarding the trucking industry. Contact us for more information.

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