Hard to believe that the official start to fall is right around the corner! A new season poses new risks for truck drivers. Fall is known to be picturesque but after the beautiful leaves have fallen, there are many dangers for drivers. To help prepare you for this upcoming fall season, we have created a list of safety driving tips for truck drivers

Three tips for trucking in the fall 

One safety driving tips for truck drivers is to be cautious of wildlife. Deer and squirrels are known to be more active in the fall. Deers can typically be found in wooded areas or along an interstate be sure to look out for them! They also travel in packs, so if you see one run across the interstate look for the others in the pack before taking off. Deer are known to travel during dusk and dawn, so remember to slow down! 

Deer are also known to be scared of horns, so if you honk, they will likely run off the road. Also, if you see a deer, it is safer for you to break than swerve. Swerving can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and deers are unpredictable so you could harm the deer in the process. 

 The second safety tips for truck drivers is to be aware of the leaves. Wet leaves are slippery and can make your tires slide out of control. Try to avoid piles of leaves! If piles are unavoidable, slow down and drive cautiously in order to avoid the chance of going out of control.  

The third safety tips for truck drivers is to have sun protection gear! Just because during the fall, there is less sunlight throughout the day and the temperatures begin to drop, does not mean that you should forget about the sun. The sun shines 365 days a year, even if you do not see it! Be sure to look for “broad spectrum” sunscreen! Other gear includes long sleeves to protect yourself from getting “trucker arm.” Additionally, you want a pair of quality sunglasses, this is imperative as the sun rises later and sets earlier making it a challenge to see oncoming traffic. 

How to maintain trucks in the fall 

Now that you know how to keep yourself safe, what about your truck? It is imperative that you keep your truck well-maintained to avoid accidents and to prepare for the colder months coming. 

Check your battery health! The summer heat can be damaging to your battery, so be sure to get it professionally checked. Fall the perfect time to check your battery because it is right after the summer heat, and right before the freezing winter temperatures. 

Your truck is likely to have typical wear and tear, but one way to ensure that it runs smoothly is frequent oil changes. It is also important that you check your tires regularly. Tire pressure drops as the weather drops. This may cause durability issues and it is unsafe during cold and icy conditions. Here at TransWood, we prioritize the safety of all our drivers. We equip them with well-maintained trucks and continuously share driver safety tips. Contact us to start your driving career today or learn more about our company!

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