As part of the trucker lifestyle, you are most likely sitting all day, snacking and sometimes drinking sugary drinks. In the long run, this can affect your health. It is important to stay on top of our health, here are common concerns for anyone who is part of the trucker lifestyle

Overusing your muscles

Part of the job is unloading and loading cargo and sitting the majority of the day, and bad posture does not make it any better for your body. This can cause pain to your shoulders, back or neck. Because you will be home every night, be sure to get a good night of sleep to help prevent pain by overworking your body. 

Emotional well-being

Driving a truck in all seasons of the year is not easy. Truckers have to face a range of harsh weather conditions while away from the comfort of their homes. Truckers mostly drive alone, passing through extensive stretches of isolated and uninhabited areas. Loneliness is inevitable in such cases. In addition to this, truckers often work under stress due to fear of not meeting delivery times. They are also anxious about passing through known accident blackspots and afraid of being stuck in traffic, among other things.

To avoid the effects of long, isolated hours and other forms of stress from interfering with your health, remain in touch with family and friends when on the road and ensure you visit a doctor often. 

Weight gain or weight loss

Truck drivers are constantly driving through stops along the road, and more often than not, these stops have large amounts of fast food and unhealthy options. From large sodas, chips, fried food and so much more! An unhealthy diet, lack of movement during the day and horrible sleep patterns can all contribute to obesity. 

Owner operator jobs home every night can luckily eat dinner at home and sleep in their own beds nightly. It is important for them to pack their snacks in order to prevent impulse buying of unhealthy gas station food. Certain food can make drivers feel more groggy and less alert. 

Truck drivers should stay away from fizzy drinks, fatty beef or lamb. Foods like nuts, fresh fruits, popcorn, pretzel or wheat crackers are all great options for snacks that keep you focused on the road. 

Another way to combat obesity is through exercise. Being a truck driver, means you are sitting down for most of the day. Exercise is good because it can help strengthen your muscles to prevent injuries. A 30-minute walk a day can clear your head and be beneficial for your physical health. 

TransWood has employees that are home every night, have a steady freight, full benefits and more! TransWood also knows the trucker lifestyle and promotes the health of its employees by sharing healthy eating tips and ways to improve emotional well-being. Contact us to learn more.

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