If you have been searching for local cdl jobs near me and finally found one, it is important to find a company that prioritizes their truck drivers’ mental, emotional and physical health.  This is because truck driver burn out is common, but with the right company, can be a rare occurrence.

Truck drivers are prone to burn out because it is an intensive job that is tiring, isolating and demanding. This can be a challenge because many truck drivers can overwork themselves; especially, during a time like COVID-19 when truckers are getting recognition for filling shelves in stores. All the hard work and long hours can catch up to drivers and it may result in emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. 

Signs of truck driver burnout

Truck driver burnout begins with avoidance. You may barely want to get in the truck or find it difficult beginning your journey. This can progress to distance avoidance where you avoid going on long drives or spending long periods on the road. When your burnout is at its extreme, you start procrastinating and dragging out assignments. For instance, you spend more time at truck stops instead of getting back on the road.

Resolving driver burnout

Truck driver burnout needs to be resolved as it poses a danger to the driver and other passengers on the road. Here are some ways to combat trucker burnout.

  1. Vacations

You may think you cannot afford a vacation; however, you cannot afford not to take time off to reset your mind. Vacations and holidays can make you a happy, healthy and focused truck driver. Parents in the trucking industry need to also take time off for kids and family. 

A vacation does not mean that you will go somewhere. It can just be a vacation away from work, it can be a great time to spend with your family and keep your mind off of work. When you search, local cdl jobs near me ensure the company offers paid vacation time. 

Look for day trips, going on a hike or spending the day on the water can be cheaper alternatives to going to another city for a couple of days. The most important thing is to step away from work and give your mind the time to reset. 

  1. Take breaks

Continuous truck driving can easily lead to burn out. Take breaks when you feel exhausted or unstable. Having a day off once a week can also help you relax and unwind after a crazy week of being on the road.

  1. Find a regular schedule

Try getting a regular schedule that is more predictable. This helps keep your sleep pattern in check. Missed sleep may affect your overall driving safety! The more sleep you get the less groggy you are and can focus more on the road.  

It is also important to have a regular eating schedule. Get your body used to eating at certain times a day. What you eat will affect your driving. Be sure you are eating healthy and staying hydrated to ensure the most safety behind the wheel. 

  1. Embrace electronic logs

Many drivers in the trucking industry are not too happy about the new electronic logs. However, they help prevent burnout and overworking among truck drivers. Truck drivers are now forced off the road after 70 hrs to get more rest.

From searching, local cdl jobs near me, you learned that TransWood cares for their drivers and goes the extra step to ensure their physical and mental safety, on and off the road. Contact us for more information. 

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