In the trucking industry, a pre-trip inspection is critical, but there is another pre-trip inspection that should be happening each and everyday. Even before the engine starts, truckers should have their own routines and rituals that set them up for success such as their health and their safety! 

Here are the truck pre trip inspection tips that deal with the trucker, not just the truck. 

Prioritize your health 

Whether you are a long-haul trucker or a TransWood employee who gets to come each night, your health should be the first priority before you step inside the cab of your truck every morning. It is imperative that a trucker takes care of themselves because driving for eight to 12 hours a day can be exhausting! 

Always make sure to get a good night of sleep, refresh yourself while driving, eat a good breakfast and keep healthy snacks and water in your cab! If possible, before getting into the cab and conducting a truck pre trip inspection, hit the gym or meditate to start the day off with some good endorphins. 

If you find yourself rushing for time in the morning, make sure to have grab-n-go breakfast options and pack a lunch the night before. 

Be serious about your inspection 

It is the law that all truckers perform their pre and post trip inspections to ensure the safety of the driver and vehicle, but do not rush through this process. Your safety should always be a top priority when it comes to the inspection. Keeping yourself safe will lead to keeping the general public safe while you share the road with them. 

It is important to take your time when walking around your truck to check for: 

  • Working lights
  • Check tires
  • Break checks
  • Inside the hood

Is everything working? Are their concerns with the tires? Make sure to inform the mechanics once you get back to the shop during the post trip inspection! 

Got your gear? 

Do you absolutely have everything? Make sure all gadgets are in their correct spots and smartphones are not in sight. This is the time to get your navigation system setup, get your glasses on and get comfy for your trip! 

Make sure all coffee and water is easily reachable and secured so it does not fall over. This is part of your gear! If you make a pit-stop along the way, do your truck pre trip inspection again, along with, making sure all technology and gadgets are set for the rest of the trip! 

Always perform the post trip inspection

It is the law to perform a pre trip inspection, but do not forget about your post-trip inspection. This is the time to check after a long-day of driving that no fluids are leaking, the windshield wiper fluid is full, tires are working properly and double check the entire truck for one last inspection. This can help to make sure that the truck pre trip inspection conducted tomorrow goes more smoothly since you know everything was fine the night before! 

While the pre and post truck inspection are critical, so is your health! It is important to make sure that a trucker takes care of themselves even before they start the inspection and get into their cab. 

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