Trucking isn’t an easy job and it becomes more difficult when some individuals have a false perception about the industry. There are a few misconceptions about the trucking industry that aren’t true and we are here to set the record straight for those who work hard to keep the economy moving. 


Trucking is only for men


There are over 200,000 women pursuing trucking careers in the United States which accounts for only 6.2 percent of all truckers in the industry, but that number is continually rising. With the proper training and a high level of commitment, there is no limit to what any individual in a trucking industry career can do. At TransWood, we work to accommodate and provide equal opportunities for all drivers regardless of their gender. 


Being a truck driver is easy


From driving long hours to staying focused on the road at all times, truck drivers don’t have it easy. It takes a high level of skill and strength to safely navigate and control an 80,000 pound trailer. Driving isn’t their only requirement. Many truck drivers must load and unload their trailers, keep in contact with dispatchers, properly keep a log and, most importantly, meet customer needs. 


You’re gone all the time 


A big misconception in the industry is that truck drivers rarely receive home time. Although long, cross country trips are normal for some truckers, this isn’t the case for most. There are different regional and local jobs out there that allow you to end up at home after every  shift rather than being gone for weeks at a time. 


At TransWood we focus on getting our drivers the miles they need with the home time they deserve. Individuals can choose from a number of options that allow you to be home daily, weekly or bi-weekly. 


Truck driving is a flexible career that gives you the opportunity to meet new people and stay connected with those who are closest to you. 


Truckers regularly cause accidents 


Truck drivers take their job seriously. They have the experience, training and knowledge to handle whatever the road throws at them. In fact, the majority of accidents involving semi-trucks happen at the fault of passenger vehicles. When an accident occurs it is likely caused by blind spots and other drivers braking too quickly. 


There’s no money in trucking


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, drivers earned an average of $43,680 per year in 2018 which does not include bonuses or other incentives. These wages are expected to increase due to the need for experienced, knowledgeable individuals in the truck driving profession. 


At TransWood, we know how demanding the trucking industry is, so we take pride in our drivers. That’s why we offer quality benefits, schedule flexibility, home time, competitive pay and more so our truck drivers have the best experience possible. If you are interested in pursuing a career at TransWood, apply here

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