Have you ever wondered where the food you buy at the grocery store or the clothes you purchase come from? Many people don’t give it much thought, but the answer is trucks and truck drivers. Whether you realize it or not, the trucking industry impacts our lives on a daily basis and, without them, our lives would look drastically different. 


Food and water


Restaurants and grocery stores rely heavily on the trucking industry to transport food and other goods. If trucking stopped, these places would quickly run out of supplies – leading to a major shortage in the first day or two. This would also strike chaos in communities as many individuals would rush to the store to stock up on food and other necessities. 


Water treatment plants also depend on truckers to deliver chemicals that keep drinking water safe. Without truck drivers, treatment plants would not have access to the chemicals, ultimately leading to contaminated water that is unsafe for consumption. Drinking contaminated water could lead to diseases and illnesses. 




Traveling, whether it be by land, water or air, it requires fuel. If the trucking industry came to a halt, so would these modes of transportation. Truck drivers carry fuel from coast to coast, without them fuel would run out within one week or less. 


Without transportation, many individuals will no longer be able to get to work. This  leaves no choice for businesses and manufacturers to shut down, resulting with millions without a job. Not only would people not be able to get to work, but they also wouldn’t have access to banks, stores and hospitals. Fire, police and other rescue vehicles would also cease due to the lack of fuel. 




Truck drivers are responsible for getting cash to ATMs and banks. If we didn’t have truckers, these places would quickly run out of cash and so would businesses. 




Perhaps the most essential part of trucking is delivering to healthcare facilities and pharmacies. Drivers deliver medical supplies, medications and oxygen sources to healthcare providers. In many cases having these supplies readily available is a matter of life and death. The repercussions would be felt immediately and would leave millions without access to healthcare or medications. 




Can you imagine a world where trash was piled high wherever you go? That’s what would happen if truck drivers weren’t here to do their jobs. The lack of fuel wouldn’t allow for trucks to collect any trash, leading to massive pile ups, environmental and health problems. Eventually, the garbage would start to rot, creating a home for vermin and disease. 


Truck drivers have one of the most important jobs in the economy. Without them our world would look drastically different. From clean water and medical supplies to fuel and cash, truckers do it all. So, the next time you see someone working in the trucking industry, thank them. 


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