Average workers spend 8 hours in the office a day totaling to 40 a week. A truck drivers “office” is behind the wheel and on the road for ample of hours a day.  It’s a tough job due to variable driving conditions and changing weather, which are both out the driver’s control. However, drivers can control the gear they bring along to make each trip more smooth.


These are the must-have electronics for individuals in the trucking industry


What device should every truck driver have?  


It’s important to know how far you have traveled and how many hours you have on the road. Track your miles with an electric logging device (ELD).  A ELD is a truck drivers timesheet, drivers can easily note if they are on-duty or off-duty. 


Drivers are required to have an ELD on board their truck, many company trucks come equipped with one.  However, owner-operators, may require you to get your own. 


There are more than one ELD on the market, be sure to look into each one to find the perfect fit for you. Please note that whichever device you choose must be government compliant. 


Benefits of a CB Radio 


With newer technology, CB radios aren’t as popular today, but they are still considered a favorite tool for truck drivers.  Want to know about any upcoming traffic? Or maybe you just want to know if there are any drivers near you? A CB radio can inform you about this and provide any amusement needed  for a long drive. 


Basic models will give you access to all of the standardized features the CB has to offer. If you are willing to spend a bit more money on a higher end CB radio, you will gain access to more regulated channels, better sound, and area-specific weather bands and alerts. 


Hands free phone calls 


Distracted driving is something we should avoid at all costs. For a truck driver, when they are dealing with a large vehicle and on the road for hours a day it’s important to invest in safety features that benefit themselves as well as other drivers on the road. Certain states have laws against using your cell phone while driving. Look into a bluetooth and practice safe driving! 


What to look for in a bluetooth? Pay attention to battery life, audio quality or voice control.  Reading ratings and recommendations can help you decide which headset will be of the best quality and meet your needs. 


Have an extra pair of eyes on the road 


A reliable dashboard camera is one of the best gadgets a truck driver can have. It records everything when you are on the road, get a second look at an accident or use it to track how long you have been driving.  When selecting a model, make sure you purchase one that has HD recording and features a wide-angle lens. 


GPS (Global Positioning System)  


Are you good at directions? If not, look into purchasing a GPS. And if you are, a GPS can still benefit you on the road.  Here are a few features that many truckers find useful in their favorite GPS devices: 


  • Best pricing for gas 
  • How far you have traveled 
  • Safe stopping points 
  • Accurate  Maps
  • Current traffic and weather updates 
  • Bluetooth accessible 
  • Ready to use dash cam 


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