Whether you happen to be at the beginning of your trucking career or are well immersed into the lifestyle, there are a great number of blogs and internet personalities that can help shape your personal experiences. 


From insights into the mind of the most knowledgeable truckers to everyday advice and truck-related humor, influencers hold powerful sway in the community. All of these influencers have become well-respected voices among the truck drivers throughout the industry who share advice, discuss news, and everything in between. 


Trucking industry influencers offer more than simple support. They can really help shape the future of the trucking world. Here are a few of the top influencers within the national trucking picture this year: 


Todd McCann 

Driving since 1997, Todd McCann offers industry insight through his podcast and blog platform “Trucker Dump.” These platforms include a variety of subject matter from maintaining and improving efficiency, opinions on rule bending and pay issues, and what to do about bad drivers. 


Todd’s integration of clever humor, insights, and advice provide followers with a new and fresh take on the trucking industry. 


Over time, he has developed a huge following and is considered to be among the voices that make up the golden standard for industry personalities. 


Trucking with Authority

Whether you are a new trucker or a highway pro, Kenny Long’s Trucking with Authority podcast will provide you with helpful tips and a variety of industry insights. Throughout the podcast, Kenny strives to help listeners understand the trucking community as a whole through both macro and micro perspectives. Topics discussed range from truck maintenance to occupying your time during offloading. 


Kenny has a passion for helping people exceed their business goals which is evident through his podcast. 


Women in Trucking 

Women in Trucking is a non-profit whose mission is to “encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women in the industry.” 


They advocate for inclusivity and equality through volunteer opportunities, mentor programs, and more. Their efforts have been and will continue to be instrumental in the mission to promote women and inclusiveness in the trucking industry


Tony Justice 

Along with being a full-time truck driver, Tony Justice is also a famous country music artist whose songs pay homage to hard working truck drivers, active duty soldiers, and veterans. 

His mission is to “educate, motivate, and empower truckers so they can stand up for their rights while trying to bring awareness to the general motoring public about how certain regulations negatively impact them and their family’s highway safety.” 


Trailer Talk

Tom Berg offers four decades of trucker-related journalism experience and provides a level of knowledge that is rarely found outside of the most accomplished drivers in the industry. 


The Trailer Talk blogs dive into a plethora of topics that are paired with witty humor, giving followers a fresh perspective on trucking news. 


For more industry-related updates, news, and tips visit https://transwood.com/blog/ 

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