Knowledgeable, trusted and reliable dispatchers in the trucking industry can make the difference between load delivered, pick-up times, communication and so many other essential factors in the industry. As professional qualified drivers understand, a large majority of communication while on the road is between a dispatcher and said driver. 

A lack of communication, misunderstanding and slow dispatching can be detrimental to the relationship between the driver and dispatcher. While the dispatcher is a behind-the-scenes role that many outside of the industry are unaware of, this is the importance of dispatchers in trucking for any logistics trucking company

1. Routes and safety

One of the biggest reasons that any logistics trucking company hires a dispatcher is for safety and driving routes. The dispatcher is typically the first line of communication between the professional qualified driver and the company. 

During COVID-19, dispatcher jobs have become a bit easier due to the declining traffic on the roads resulting from stay-at-home orders and quarantine life. At the same time, fewer drivers on the road mean less worry for a driver, but as quarantine lifts and stay-at-home orders stop, the traffic will pick back up. This is when safety is even more critical than normal. 

The dispatcher provides the best and safest routes to ensure that the safety of the driver is at the forefront of the delivery. Not only do they recommend the best and safest routes, but they also provide the driver with stops along the way for diesel and other needed items. From there, one of the biggest importance of dispatchers in trucking is the communication between the dispatcher and driver. 

2. Communication

One of the most important elements of a successful driver and a dispatcher is communication. As any fleet manager, terminal manager or anyone in the business understands, good communication is the key to successful deliveries and happy customers. 

3. Understanding of company’s trucks 

As a dispatcher, this person starts to understand the trucks at the company as well. This means that the dispatcher can recommend maintenance based on the average miles and other contributing factors. The dispatcher will have an understanding of your truck’s needs and be able to set maintenance reminders. 

Any logistics trucking company understands the importance of dispatchers in trucking, and for those who do not have a dispatcher, there is plenty of technology in the industry that can suffice for a dispatcher. However, it is better to always have a dispatcher who can easily answer questions and concerns! 

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