The holiday season is one of the holiest, jolly times of the year, and while many of us will be looking forward to rejoining our friends and family this holiday season, many still struggle to cope with emotions this time of year.

Adding to the stress, December in many states is cold, gloomy and leaves everyone inside which only makes the feeling harder. It is estimated that at any given moment, 20 percent of Americans in the United States feel lonely, and with this year, it is only projected to get harder. 

In our industry especially, being alone during the holiday season can be even harder due to delivery deadlines still needing to be met, and for drivers who are not local, it can be difficult to be away from families. 

The same notions can be applied to those who are spending time away from their family due to COVID-19 or work related instances. 

These are our biggest tips when it comes to dealing with and combating the holiday loneliness this year. 

Seek out company 

The bright side about isolation in 2021 is that there is plenty of technology available that allows you to still chat, text and video chat with loved ones and friends. During the holiday season, there are still fun events that can happen such as visiting Christmas lights in your city, virtual parties and taking some time to yourself for a much needed break.  

Give back

Giving back to the local community can provide you with a sense of family and community at the same time spreading joy and good feelings. There are many shelters, nonprofit organizations and other organizations that are still looking for those to help virtually or in-person. 

Get outside 

For those who do not live in colder climates (or even those who do), this is the perfect time to get outside! You do not have to run a 5K or even walk, just sitting on a bench can provide some relief. 

Understand, you are not alone

While this might feel like a permanent feeling, and quarantine could have more effect on this than normal, understanding that you are not alone is the first way to combat loneliness this holiday season. It is okay to feel lonely and a bit sad, but there are so many people who care about you! 

Utilize technology 

If you are unsure how you will connect between iPhone and Samsung users or with grandpa and grandma who are a bit less technologically savvy than others, these are some great apps and ideas. 

  • Google Meets
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • Google Duo
  • Discord
  • WhatsApp

For those who are dealing with these emotions, remember it is only temporary and everything can change in a split second. Remember, holiday loneliness is a temporary feeling that will subside! Follow our steps to help with these feelings. 

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