Last week was the official start to summer, and if you are driving through the Midwest, it means that you need to be wary of tornados. They can happen at any time but tornado season is from April to August. Tornados are also more likely to occur from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. but can happen at any time of the day.

In this profession, it might be hard to avoid being on the road during unexpected tornados, so if you are on the road be sure you know what you do. Check out these summer driving safety tips for truck drivers

  • Stay in your vehicle 

This may seem obvious, but one thing some people assume is that getting out of their truck and finding roadside shelter is safer than staying inside their truck.  The only way getting out of your vehicle is safer than staying inside the truck is if there is a nearby building you can go into. If there is not one, look for a ditch to get your truck into. It is imperative that you keep your seatbelt on and duck your head in between your knees to avoid the windshield coming at your face. 

  • Head the other direction

If you are able to spot a tornado, drive the opposite direction. You should keep in mind that you are not trying to outrun the tornado, you are finding a safe place in a different direction. Tornados can change directions at any given moment, so be sure you know where you are going and get there quickly and safely. 

  • Stay away from structures 

Tunnels, overpasses, bridges, freeways and tall buildings should be avoided. They are more likely to fall on your truck which can end up harming you. An overpass can act as a wind tunnel and cause wind speed to increase to 200 mph. 

Tornado Warning Signs 

One of the summer driving safety tips for truck drivers is to stay up to date with weather conditions for where you are and where you plan on driving through. One way to stay in the know is to listen on the radio or stay in contact with your dispatcher. 

Do you know the difference between “Tornado Warning” and “Tornado Watch?” A tornado watch is delivered to the public when a tornado is likely to develop in the next four to eight hours. A tornado warning means it has been spotted in your area for the next 30 minutes. 

It is also a good idea to know the warning signs. The sky will be dark and greenish, there will be large clouds of debris, large hail and you might hear a large roar, similar to a freight train. Tornadoes typically only stay on the ground for 20 minutes but it can touch down in different areas multiple times. 

Here at TransWood, we prioritize the safety of all our drivers and that’s why we share summer driving safety tips for truckers. We equip them with well-maintained trucks and continuously share driver safety tips. Contact us to start your driving career today or learn more about our company! 

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