Who do you follow on social media? Are you looking for people in your industry to relate to? There are plenty of blogs, podcasts and trucking influencers for other truckers to relate to! This is perfect for first-year truckers to truckers who are a year away from retirement. 

Trucking influencers to follow

Full- time truckers are more than just truck drivers! They have skills they are ready to share with the world! Here are some truckers you should follow. 

Tony Justice is a truck driver and a well-known country music artist! Justice’s music gives a special shout out to truck drivers and veterans. His goal is to empower and motivate truckers. In addition, he enjoys educating truckers on being safe while on the road. He also shares how some regulations can have a negative impact on them and their families’ safety. 

Todd McCann is a truck driver, blogger and podcast producer. His platform is “Trucker Dump.” His main goal is to increase trucker efficiency. He also discusses how to deal with bad drivers and when it might be okay to break the rules a tiny bit! 

This is for trucker’s significant others! If you have the opportunity to be on the road with your other half then follow Camryn Raymon for the inside scoop of what it is like to travel with your partner. She also takes great photos of the places she has visited and shows everyone that home is where the heart is

Are you in the trucking industry but none of your friends and family are? Check out TruckersJourney to get his insight on his experiences during his 20+ driver career. He posts relatable content that is both funny and serious! 

There is nothing like laughing until you can’t speak! If you have a “dark sense” of humor Twisted Truckers is the perfect page to follow. 

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news, check out “Payload Truck Driver Power” . Its focus is any issues that impact professional truck drivers. If you would like to add anything to what they are discussing, you can also reach out to them over social media. They have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Now is the time to support women, especially women of color! Check out this female who owns her own trucking company! Follow her on Facebook

To stay up to date on our industry and trucking influencers, follow TransWood on Twitter and Facebook

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