As a truck driver, the truck stops are often filled with fast food options and finding a healthy, quick place to eat may become a challenge. The trucker lifestyle is hours on the road with limited healthy food options, but did you know that there are healthy options at fast food places? They now have lower-calorie options as well as less processed meat. 

Less processed meat 

Two years ago McDonald’s traded in their frozen beef for fresh beef in their famous quarter pounder burgers. Frozen food and meals are typically high in sodium and sugar and contain plenty of preservatives. 

While eating red meat daily is not healthy, stopping by at McDonald’s for a quarter pounder every now and then just got a bit healthier. Try to avoid fries and soda as that will add more calories to your daily intake. 


Lower-calorie options at common chains

When you go into a fast-food restaurant, your first choice might not be to order a salad or something off of the healthy options menu. There are plenty of tasty salad options or ordering your burger “protein style.” Protein style burgers swap out the buns for lettuce, reducing calories and carb intake. 


If you can never turn down a Big Mac, try this option! It is missing a piece of bread but it’s cheaper and has about 90 less calories. You can order a McDouble with Big Mac sauce without ketchup and mustard. 


Who doesn’t like a Crunchwrap Supreme from TacoBell with a Baja Blast? It’s one of their classic meals! To make it a healthier option, order it “fresco style”!This means it will be filled with black beans instead of beef. Look out for their fresco menu for other TacoBell favorites! 


Chipotle is also a staple fast food option for Mexican food! If you ask them to hold the rice, cheese and sour cream your meal can be around 500 calories. Also, adding cilantro to your meal is beneficial because it helps your metabolism and is rich in antioxidants. 

Another option you have at every fast food restaurant is grilled cheese. This is about 200 calories, tasty and can give you a sense of comfort. 

Healthy Drinks 

Starbucks is almost everywhere and has drive-thru options making it easier for truckers. The trucker lifestyle requires you to be awake and alert for long periods of time. Nothing makes people more alert than a good ole cup of coffee! 

But did you know that they are filled with calories and sugar? Next time you order your favorite drink ask for it “skinny.” Also, try to hold the added sugar. 

Iced tea is a favorite drink, while tea has many benefits it can become unhealthy as there is added sugar. Go for unsweetened ice tea to reap the benefits! 

McDonald’s also offers tasty fruit smoothies that are perfect for summer weather! Fast-food restaurants also serve milk, be sure to switch it with your soda. 

The trucker lifestyle can be a challenge, and eating the right foods and drinks will help make your work easier. A poor diet can affect the safety of your driving, making you more fatigued and lacking concentration. 

As a truck driver, fast-food restaurants are everywhere and avoiding them can be a challenge. To have a healthy diet, you can try their healthy options or meal prep your own meals for the week! 

TransWood prioritizes safety for its employees, encourages healthy lifestyle and mental health. Contact us today to learn more! 


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