Have you ever wondered where the products in the store come from and how they got there? If there were no truck drivers, Americans would be able to see a change within 24 hours. Truck drivers play a big role in day-to-day life. WIth COVID-!9, truck drivers are getting well-deserved thank yous! DCSG, a Midwest trucking company, is grateful for all their employees who keep on truckin’. 


What would it look like without truck drivers


In the United States trucking moves $700.4 billion of goods each day. This means that without a Midwest trucking company, like DCSG, hospitals, retail stores, grocery stores, delivery services, and gas stations will lack supplies. 

No trucking for 24 hours 

Hospitals will begin to run low on basic supplies, there will be long lines for gas and mail and you will be unable to get any of your mail or items ordered online.

No trucking for two to three days 

Grocery stores and restaurants will begin to run out of fresh food to serve/ buy. Local banks and ATMs will be running low on cash, gas stations are beginning to run out of fuel and there will be piles of garbage scattered around neighborhoods. 

No trucking for one week 

There will be food and supply shortages and the lack of fuel means that emergency personnel like fire and police officers will not be able to do their jobs. 

No trucking for one month 

People will lack basic necessities like clean water and many companies will have to shut down due to a lack of supplies. 

Truckers during COVID-19 

Knowing how much Midwest trucking companies and other trucking industries contribute to our daily lives shows just how important truckers and the staff that supports them truly are. With the continuous spread of COVID-19, grocery stores are in high demand for food and cleaning supplies. 

Drivers: Staying healthy during the outbreak

An important step for drivers to stay healthy is by making sure that they are disinfecting their cabs regularly. Wearing gloves can benefit you and protect you from germs. Be sure that you are wearing gloves correctly to avoid the spread of germs. 

Drivers will want to make sure that you have chlorine dioxide wipes to frequently wipe high-touch surfaces. For example; the steering wheel, door handles, gears, radio and all electronics. Also, keep hand sanitizer in an easy to reach place! 

With shelter in place orders, many people have been working at home. This means fewer cars on the freeways making the roads more clear for truckers to deliver goods at a faster rate. Even though there are fewer cars, drivers still need to maintain trucker safety. Remember to check the weather where you are going and all the locations you will be driving through. It is also important to know the speed limits in locations and stay aware of other vehicles. You can also invest in hands-free devices to keep the number of distractions down. 

At TransWood we are committed to the safety of our drivers. Visit our website or give us a call for more information! 

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