The new normal is seeing people in masks, gloves and seeing stores go the extra mile to make sure that everything is clean. There are hand sanitizer dispensers all over stores and carts and credit card machines are being wiped down after every use. 

As a trucker, it is important to have good cleaning habits as well. There are plenty of trucking blogs out there and each one will guide you in your cleaning process. 

Sanitizing truck cabs 

The truck cab is essentially your office, so it is important to wipe everything down and keep it as clean as possible. You want to disinfect surface areas like the door handle, seat and steering wheel. Don’t forget about accessories like radio, CB and the shifter. These are constantly being touched while you drive and come in and out of your cab. 

Trucking blogs will also tell you every time you leave your truck, you need to sanitize your door handles, keys and steering wheel upon re-entry. 

Another thing to wipe down frequently is electronics. Whether it be a cell phone, ELD, GPS or even iPod you should wipe it down to prevent the spread of germs. If you are going through a drive-thru for a meal or going into a gas station to pick up a snack, remember to wipe down your wallet and credit card.  

Should I be wearing gloves during COVID-19? 

Wearing gloves will prevent you from touching anything with your bare skin, but is it effective? The answer is yes, but it has to be used correctly. For example, if you are wearing typical latex gloves and touching everything and get back into the cab with the same gloves it will not be effective. The germs that were on the gloves have been transmitted to everywhere you touched in your cab. 

If you prefer to wear gloves during these times, you can wear your gloves during the interaction and take them off immediately before you contaminate anything else. Follow the CDC’s rules on safely removing gloves

Cleaning tips for your cab  

One popular item to use is chlorine dioxide because it disinfects and helps remove any unwanted odors. If you have seat covers you want to be sure to wash as often as possible because they are exposed to outside elements every day. 

Always keep hand sanitizer in an easy to reach place so you aren’t contaminating other elements when reaching for it. It’s also a good idea to keep extra wipes in your truck and a plastic bag as garbage. You should be taking this garbage out every day.  

During these crazy times, you want to make sure that your cab is clean and still practicing safe driving. Yes, it is important to make sure everything gets delivered but your safety is the number one priority. It’s your job to make sure that you are doing the best you can and it starts with safety. 

Remember to check the weather and make sure you are prepared for the different weather throughout your route. Always be cautious and look out of all mirrors and keep an eye out for any vehicles that come out behind you. Also, always know the speed limit for the zone you are driving in. 

Trucking blogs will tell you to take breaks, stretch your legs out and get your blood flowing. This will help you stay more awake and alertTransWood prioritizes safety for all their employees, from on the road to wiping and sanitizing cabs. Contact us today for more information!

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