You have just made the decision to begin a new career as a truck driver! Congratulations, it is an exciting opportunity. You just got your certified driving license (CDL) and your next step is to search for cdl driver jobs near me. Now that you have found one, there are some things to know about before you begin your first year. 

After your cdl driver jobs near me search, you found the perfect job, it allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, make money and still spend time at home with your family. Truckers are essential workers who help keep our grocery stores stocked as well as much needed paper products on the shelves. Being able to help consumers with their everyday needs is a very rewarding career, however, there are some things to consider before. 

Part of the trucker lifestyle is spending a lot of time alone and on the road. You can expect to be on the road for several weeks at a time, then getting to be home for a couple of days. This is known as an over the road (OTR) driver. This can take a toll on your family life but with technology, it’s easier to stay in contact and see their faces! Some tips are scheduled FaceTime during dinner hours or regular calls to keep that sense of normalcy in your life. At TransWood, we pride ourselves on giving our employees the option to come home daily, weekly or what fits their schedule for their personal life! 

Tips for first-year drivers

  • Be patient, adjusting to the trucker lifestyle is not easy and it will take time. 
  • Staying in touch with loved ones is the key to mental and physical success. 
  • Your time management will improve. 
  • Experience will shape success.  
  • Self-care is imperative 
  • Find mentors to help set you up for success in this field 

The trucker lifestyle is not easy, but remain patient and let yourself adapt to a new position. Accept changes and do not dwell on things you can’t control. One thing you are able to control is keeping in constant contact with loved ones. This can help boost your spirits and make you not feel distant. Try to see your family as much as possible on your days off by being present. 

During your first year, you will learn that time management is the key to success. You will no longer be able to just “wing it.” Because your boss is not right with you, it may be easier to take a longer break, which is hours in the day you will never get back. Don’t waste precious time! 

Trucking is a challenge both physically and mentally. It is common to see a lot of reminders to get out of your cab and exercise or listen to music. Your mental and physical health are very important and they go hand in hand. Take care of yourself in order to be the best version of yourself. 

Finding someone in the trucking field to be a mentor can benefit you! It is always a good idea to have someone to turn to for advice when the road gets rough!

During your search for cdl driver jobs near me, you came across TransWood. TransWood takes care of its employees and understands how important physical and mental health is. If you are a first-year driver and want tips, contact us today! 

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