There is no shame in making life easier with the use of technology. The trucking industry is stepping up their game in 2019 to meet the high demand of truck drivers.

As result, new trucking apps and processes are being created to keep up with high  demands of the everyday truck drivers. Drivers and their fleet owners can make sure that their companies are staying as efficient as possible and giving their drivers the tools for success.

So, what do these apps consist of? Well, let’s check them out!

Navigation apps

First, let’s talk about apps that truckers can use to navigate through traffic, weigh stations, nearest truck stops and more.

A list of navigation apps for truck drivers are:

  • Trucker Path Pro: You’ll want this app to map out your route and to see the nearest truck stops near you! This app can also locate weigh stations or supermarkets that are around you.
  • Waze: Be able to keep up with traffic by getting updates from this nifty app! You can even use it to find the best route for your trip.  
  • GasBuddy: Do you need fuel? Well, don’t worry! You can find the best prices for your pocket book by using this app to stay on the road and budget.
  • Drivewyze: Without a doubt, one of the most useful shortcuts for a driver is this app. Make up lost time and bypass weigh stations from your smartphone or tablet! You can also see how it works here!
  • iExit: Know what awaits you at each exit by using this app. It can find the best exits to take. No matter what you need you can always find a place to eat, get fuel or catch some shut eye with this app.
  • TRANSFLO mobile+: For this app, you can use your voice to hear your ETA or even set it to tell you when you should take breaks. This tool is the perfect app to keep drivers on-time to every drop off and keep yourself regulated during your workday.  
Truck driver management apps

As a truck driver, you can’t always stay regulated to a schedule. So, there are certain apps that can be downloaded to help drivers keep in-touch with their fleet owners, find easy ways to fax paperwork or protect truck drivers in case of an accident.  

A few of these truck driver management apps are:

  • KeepTruckin: An app that can help drivers and their supervisors communicate with each other through location tracking, dashcams and integrations.
  • CoPilot Truck Navigation: Yet, another great resource for fleets and their drivers to stay in harmony is this app. It allows managers to offer support, navigation and other solutions for their drivers on the road.
  • Big Road: Are you tired of rummaging through endless amounts of paperwork in your truck? Well, no more! Keep your paperwork and logs nice and tidy on this app! It’s the perfect resource to save you from hours of paperwork and it reduces the risk of errors.
  • CamScanner: No more printers, copiers or fax machines are needed with the use of this app. You can now scan documents from anywhere and send them to whomever you want with the touch of your screen. Say, “goodbye,” to low resolution pictures and say, “hello,” to auto-enhanced image quality!
Healthy trucking apps

Being healthy in the trucking industry is tough. It takes double the effort to learn how to start eating healthy. However, with these healthy trucking apps drivers can stick with their goals and continue to watch what they eat.

A list of these healthy trucking apps are:

  • Lose It!: Sticking to your weight loss goals has never been easier with this app! You can set goals, track your food and exercise and even join a weight loss community for support.
  • FatSecret: A FREE dieting app that helps you count calories and keep track of your eating habits! Plan your grocery list and meal plans ahead of time and get one step closer to being a better you.
  • Nutritionix: A fast food calorie counter that will help you pick all the right healthy snacks for truck drivers. Simply, pick a restaurant and find the meal you want from their menu and you’re able to see the nutritional value of what you’re eating right there on your screen.

Overall, by using these apps, you can navigate, manage and keep yourself healthy! After all, who doesn’t want to be a happier, healthier and more organized truck driver.

TransWood is committed to protecting the health, safety and security of our employees and independent contractors. Contact us and let us help you fill your hauling freight needs.

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