Finding ways to stay entertained in the trucking industry is more important than you think! The importance of finding entertainment as a trucker is a crucial part to maintaining your mental health, picking up new skills and ultimately living your best life while on the road.

With the help of hobbies, staying active and taking advantage of your surroundings by going sightseeing you can grow as a person!

Find a hobby!

As a trucker, it’s not often that we get to take time for ourselves to do something that is important to us. That’s why it’s vital that while you are on the road you have ways to express your interests!

No matter what you are interested in, you can pretty much pick up any hobby in the trucking industry!  

1) Become a trucker who knits! Who knew that a growing trend in the trucking industry is learning to knit. It’s a great way to fill your time and end up with a beautiful scarf or, if you’re more ambitious, a sweater at the end of your trip. In fact, one trucker used his knitting hobby to beat addiction!

2) Take up photography! Just because you’re a long hauler doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the artsy side of life. Capture each trip in a photograph and share it with the rest of your trucking community!

3) Become an author and take up writing! It doesn’t have to be a book, it could be something as simple as blogging and sharing your experiences with other truckers like you!

4) Listen to Audiobooks or a podcast series. It’s a great hobby because you can be told a story or listen to a discussion about a topic you’re interested in from behind the wheel of your truck.

5) Learn a language or how to play an instrument. By teaching yourself a new skill you can reap the benefits, such as adaptation, fighting boredom and increase the speed at which you’ve learned before!

Get active!

Staying active in the trucking industry can be hard. The weird sleep schedule and long hours on the road can take a toll on your physical and mental health! So, keep some sneakers in your cab, so you can stay active while on the job and get your body moving at the next truck stop.

Some ways to stay active as a trucker are:

  1. Stretching at your next stop, you can help relieve sore muscles and get your blood pumping all at the same time!
  2. Exercising in or around your cab can help you get fit and stay busy on your trip.
  3. Joining a workout community or program to help motivate you on the road.

Go sightseeing!

What’s the point of driving a truck all day if you don’t get to at least do some sightseeing while you’re there?! The beauty of being a tourist during your downtime is that you can visit places that you’ve never been before or that you’d like to see again.

Some things that you can do to go sightseeing are:

  • Go hiking or fishing in the wilderness in recreational areas near your next stop.
  • Visit national monuments like Mount Rushmore or others that are near you.  
  • Check to see if you’re close to any National Parks like The Grand Canyon.

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