With a huge impact on America’s economy, the trucking industry is often under-looked for its importance. Made up of 3.5 million truck drivers, America’s trucking industry is one shoe that is very hard to fill. Because of truck drivers, food, products, equipment and other freight are able to reach from one ocean to the next ocean in America. This is why truck drivers are so important to America.


When you think about the economy, some people may assume it’s all related to everyday people in the workforce. However, in reality, a great portion of the economy is based on truck drivers and the services that they provide! In fact, most of the freight being delivered by trucker drivers is food, drinking water and other resources that America would be in trouble without, specifically, 80 percent of the United States relies on truck drivers for the delivery of everyday goods.

Production and efficiency

It’s critical for production and efficiency purposes that people hiring in the trucking industry find the right person for the job. This is because a late shipment and items can be devastating or major problem. That’s why trucking technologies and other technological advancements have been added to help the trucking industry increase efficiency and safety for drivers on the road.

Some of these new technological advancements are:

  • Trucking apps that give truck drivers resources for navigation, organizing electronic records and management of their driving approach.
  • Self driving semi trucks can help ease the stress on truck drivers all while keeping truckers with a job.
  • Dash Cams and other truck driver management technologies that help drivers and their fleets monitor their trucks easily!

Supply and demand

As one of the most important assets in the trucking industry, drivers are working together to keep up with the supply and demand of online sales. In fact, 70 percent of all freight hauled throughout the United States is by truck drivers. With the pressure and responsibility on truck drivers to deliver, it’s easy to see how they help the economy.  

Another factor  in the supply and demand of the trucking industry is the truck driver shortage expected to get worse as demand and online sales rise. The only way the trucking industry can keep up with this demand is to add more drivers to the road!

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