Managing your mental health can be hard when you don’t know if you are depressed or how to get help with your depression. Truck drivers are in the top eight occupations to commit suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Although there has been a large emphasis on physical health, truckers are forgetting to manage their daily stressors.  

When it happens to you

As a trucker it can be hard to admit when you need help. Depression in the trucking industry is a common problem. It can be caused by truckers who get PTSD from accidents on the road or being away from home for too long. Out of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S., around one third experience job-related traumas that, if not treated, can lead to their depression symptoms.

Everyone needs help sometimes. It is important to know that about 94 percent of drivers are men, and men are less likely than women to seek treatment for emotional distress. That’s not to say that women don’t experience emotional distress. Women in the trucking industry you are not alone.

Tips for managing daily stressors

  • Travel with a companion
  • Call home and tell your loved one about your day.
  • Establish a day-to-day routine and remember your basic skills training.
  • Bring sentimental things from home like, a picture or blanket.
  • Make yourself take breaks to get your blood flow going.
  • Take time for personal hygiene.
  • Pack healthy snacks to eat on the go
  • Splurge on a hotel room every now and then to get away from the truck.

Who can you go to for help

Tell somebody! Trucking companies are listening to driver’s concerns and are making an effort to get truckers help. The trucking industry has a stigma surrounding drivers about showing weakness. But, drivers need to remember that it’s okay to open up about mental health issues.

Get help right away! The longer you wait to get help or to admit you have a problem, the harder it could be to recover. Managers should be aware of how you are feeling. It’s their responsibility to care for their drivers safety, physical and mental health. It is not a weakness to ask for help.

If you are depressed or you think you know someone who is depressed, please tell somebody! Your manager, your friend or a trusted physician. We are here for you! Visit the Truckers For Truckers (Fight Against Depression And Suicide Facebook Page and get help from other truckers and families who have been through a similar experience as you.

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