There is a lot going on in the world of self-driving trucks. More and more companies have emerged with new technology being tested, new laws being considered and the date for when it will be normal to see automated trucks on the road is getting closer and closer.

The U.S. Transportation Department has given a boost to companies working on automated long-haul trucks. Saying an artificial intelligence system could constitute a driver under federal trucking rules in a bid to ease barriers to the technology.

That means the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will no longer assume that a commercial vehicle driver is human. Which is an initial step to allow trucks to travel across the state lines piloted by an autonomous driving system.

Many in the trucking industry are excited about the new technology. It can help create and improve productivity, fuel efficiency, costs, and lessen traffic on the highways.

The FMSCA’s new interpretation follows a similar move by the Highway Safety Administration in 2016 when it told Google officials the agency would view the company’s autonomous technology as a driver under federal auto-safety standards.

With all of the successful test being completed by multiple companies, the world appears to be more confident about driving roads where vehicles are being driven by technology. There are some kinks that still need to be worked out and laws will need to be put into place. However, it is likely we could see self-driving trucks fully functioning by the next decade.

Truckers, don’t worry! Not all drivers are going to be out of a job. In fact, many believe that the introduction of self-driving trucks could lead to the opposite. As automated trucks are utilized more often, more people will be needed in those trucks. There are too many things that could go wrong for there not to be a human in the truck at all times while it’s operating on the road.

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