In the trucking industry, knowing if we have healthy employees on the road is a safety precaution we use to ensure that everyone is safe. With just 30 to 60 minutes of your time, it doesn’t take long for doctors to draw blood, take urine samples and conduct other tests to ensure that you are in the best physical and mental health behind the wheel.

For all truck drivers, understanding the purpose and the risk of failing a DOT physical are both crucial in the trucking industry! In fact, the FMCSA requires that every driver looking to get a trucking license must pass a DOT physical examination at least every 2 years.

To truly be ready for your DOT physical, you need to know what kind of preparation needs to take place.

What is included in a DOT Physical?

With a series of tests, doctors are looking for any sign that your body is mentally or physically not ready to be on the road.

What doctors will check are:

  1. Blood pressure and blood sugar
  2. Vision for at least 20/40 acuity in each eye
  3. Hearing a “forced whisper” from at least 5 feet away
  4. Spine for deformities
  5. Mouth and throat for any problems
  6. Coordination and reflexes are not impaired
  7. Heart and lungs for respiratory malfunctions
  8. Abdomen for abnormalities
  9. Body for hernias
  10. Urine for underlying medical conditions

One of the main points that doctors will check during the physical is vision. As a truck driver, it’s imperative to be able to see everything on the road! For example, you have to be able to see 20/40 vision with one or both eyes

How to prep for your DOT physical

When it comes to getting ready for your DOT physical, it’s not only about eating and drinking healthy foods, but it’s about getting active and taking care of your physical and mental self as well.

Some things you can do to stay healthy on the road are:

Common health concerns in the trucking industry are:

In the trucking industry, it sometimes feels impossible to live a healthy life when you have such little time for yourself. That’s why health concerns like obesity, lung cancer, musculoskeletal, sleep apnea, stress and depression are so commonly seen in trucking.

But, it doesn’t have to be like that for you! Get healthy, pass your DOT physical and live a happy life on the road. After all, the open road is the best perk of being a truck driver!


TransWood is committed to protecting the health, safety and security of our employees and independent contractors while minimizing the impact of our operations on the public and the environment where we operate. Please, contact TransWood so we can start serving your hauling freight needs.

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