Bad weather trucking

It is vital that truckers are aware of the conditions of the road and how to best navigate each condition to keep themselves and other drivers around them safe. 

Misconceptions about the trucking industry

Trucking isn’t an easy job and it becomes more difficult when some individuals have a false perception about the industry. There are a few misconceptions about the trucking industry that aren’t true and we are here to set the record straight for those who work hard to keep the economy moving.

What would the world look like without truck drivers?

Whether you realize it or not, the trucking industry impacts our lives on a daily basis and, without them, our lives would look drastically different.

How nutrition impacts safe driving

The foods you choose to put in your body can impact many areas of your life - including road safety.

Tips for surviving your first year as a truck driver

Starting a new career is nerve racking regardless of which industry you are in. Although it will be challenging, knowing what to expect can help you get through your first year as a trucker. 

Common health problems for truckers and their remedies

Drivers are opting out of the trucking world due to health concerns. Here are some of the health issues faced by truckers and how to curb them.

Truck driver packing list: A guide

Packing isn’t easy when you work in the trucking industry. Because you are on the road for extended periods of time, it can be difficult to narrow down the necessities. The space in your cab is limited and, if you forget something, truck stops…

Your guide to roadside inspections

Roadside inspections are among a truck driver’s least favorite things, however, they are essential for keeping your trucks in tip-top shape. Ensuring your fleet’s trucks are in the best condition can help keep truckers and those they…
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How to avoid truck driver burnout

After many months or years of endless driving a truck driver is likely to experience burnout. Learn more about the signs and solutions of burnout and overall trucking industry safety.

Must have electronics for truck drivers

Average workers spend 8 hours in the office a day totaling to 40 a week. A truck drivers “office” is behind the wheel and on the road for ample of hours a day.  It’s a tough job due to variable driving conditions and changing weather,…